Humblest apologies…

Between the Easter Holidays and me having a few bad days, I haven’t had chance or the motivation to do any writing. When I started this blog, I didn’t want to be always uploading all the time, lots of short blog posts just to add content. I wanted to connect and share. And i did want to be regular poster and start making friends with readers, but suffering with an illness can take it out of you in ways I never really knew or appreciated.

If you’re suffering in silence, please comment or follow me on twitter/instagram and know you’re not alone. We can have a catch up and share our stories. It’s important to gave a good support when you’re feeling low from pain/illness or just life!

I am hoping to catch up with a few blog posts soon, but this is just a filler to let you know, I’m still here, I’m trying to do some reading and I’m trying my hardest to keep working and enjoying time with my children but this all takes energy, and I’m lacking at the minute, and I’m in pain. So my apologies that I haven’t put any reviews up or been stating my crazy kids antics but I will be back soon! Hopefully! I am awaiting an operation date and I may need a trip to the Drs shortly, but fingers crossed I have a few good days soon, so I can catch up with you all!

In the meantime here is a picture of my fur baby Dixon! He’s a beauty. He is a rescue dog and is wonderfully perfect! A big cuddle from him, always makes me feel a little better!