*Book Review* Tripwire

Tripwire (Jack Reacher Book 3)


I am still loving the Jack Reacher series, and I think I am slowly falling in love with the Jack Reacher character. (From the book, not the movie. Its not a bad movie but I don’t think the character is the same from book to movie.) But anyway, I digress, I think the more I read about him the more he appeals to me. I like the good guy/bad guy trope, he’s not always your typical nice guy but he is a gentleman, he has morals and rules he lives by but he’s tough and strong, and always follows the path he wants to, and always get his justice, just not necessarily by helping put the bad guy away. Finally he has that whole wandering nomad quality, which is really mysterious and makes you want to know his path and yet at the same time you don’t want to know either. I am not quite sure how I feel about this book, the premise to the story was good and showed real promise, their wasn’t as much action as I am used to, but that is sometimes ok. I do think it took quite a long time to get the crux of the book, and I believe the climax could have happened much sooner. I love finding out about the main character and I like a good explanation of certain things if it adds to the story. I found reading some of this book, filled with overuse of explanations and descriptions that possibly weren’t needed.

So onto the story, “Hook” Hobie has a plan for when everything starts to go wrong. He has two parts in place, and he ignores both and decides to go for one last score. This was probably his only mistake. As far as villains/bad guys go, he is quite a scary fellow. Not in the usual way though, he is intelligent and a real psychopath, enjoying pain, and instilling fear, but he is so smart he knows when to use fear and pain to get just what he wants. I think if Jack’s old military friend and mentor General Garber hadn’t been pulled into this conspiracy, “Hook” might have gotten away with his lifestyle, escaped and lived to ruin the next persons life. I liked the follow through with the Garber character from Die Trying. I was sad to hear he had died, but I guess it was needed to get Jack where he needed to be, although, from the first two books, Lee Child doesn’t seem to mind suspending belief long enough for something to happen in just the right time/place for it to be a problem for Jack, so I am not quite sure why Garber had to die to make it so this time.

Anyway, as it turns out, a lovely old couple wanting to find out the truth about their missing son, inevitably caused “Hooks” downfall, and as much as I wanted him caught/dead, I think he was an incredible villain. He was creepy, sick and completely out of his mind. But he was definitely an excellently written bad guy.

For me, Jack Reacher’s honourable and gentlemanly side shone through in the scenes with the elderly couple, and I think as soon as I read this chapter, I knew Jack would never back down until he found out the truth and brought whomever he needed to, to justice.

Once again, we had a love interest, but it was a surprising one. The daughter of the General, whom Jack looked upon like a father, and here we saw a sneaky view into Jack’s past. I am not sure how I feel about the romance side of this story. The fact she was a child when Jack first thought her attractive, even though he was younger, carries a certain icky factor, and I think I like his nomadic lifestyle, meeting women as he goes, and moving from one to the next like his job. I think like everyone maybe he does deserve to settle down, and meet someone but for entertainment purposes, I like him better when he isn’t all loved up. The obvious lovey dovey, couply moments when they visited Nash, were a little full on, and I think it is probably a doomed romance so I can’t find myself getting too attached to Jodie. So I don’t think we needed as much background, descriptions about her. Which I know is unusual for me, I like the background characters sometimes, but I just didn’t feel much depth to Jodie, and I just can’t see a future with a unlikely hero!

I did quite like the secondary character of Marilyn, whom despite her husbands idiotic life choices, , was brave and despite the situation she found herself in carried herself wonderful. I think I would have liked to see some interaction between her and Jack, I think in another life she would have made a formidable ally to Jack. Chester Stone was a bit of a bug bear, quite annoying, whiny and completely foolish, I think the less said about him the better.

Overall, the third in the series was by no means the best but it hasn’t put me off, and I am chomping at the bit to start the next in the Series; The Visitor. I think finding out some of Jacks history and the story as a hole was worth the characters of Jodie and Chester, but if we never see Jodie again, I think I would be ok with this. But I highly doubt this will be the case, I believe we will have at least one more book of the “couple” trying to make the relationship work before it either fizzles out or explodes in their face. This may seem quite pessimistic and negative, but I just can’t see a relationship working between our nomadic, freestyle Jack and the New York Lawyer working out.

I have of course passed Tripwire onto my mum, and I hoping to grill her later for her opinion, as it might be nice to hear someone else’s view. So how about it? Have you read any of the Jack Reacher books? What did you think? Do you have a favourite? Let me know by leaving a comment or get in touch on any of my social media feeds.

Complete write off!


“Celebrating New Year with a big kiss!!”

Hello Everyone! Firstly I have a massive apology to make, I had so many great ideas and things I wanted to share with you all over Christmas. But I was in hospital at the beginning of December, and I haven’t recovered properly now. I think I’ll cover my illness in another post, because I think it has lead to an important part of my life and deserves more than a gloss over. However, as I was ill for most of December and January has taken up quite a lot of my time and energy just getting the kids to school and myself to work, in between Drs appointments, medication and pain, I haven’t found the time to write. But I hoping, that as things settle, and my need to share with you all grows, I will slowly get back to my blog, reading and reviews.

Secondly, I usually go a little crazy at Christmas and i would usually have lots of events, trips, crafts and all sorts to share with you, but as I mentioned my December didn’t go to plan. I will cover a few little things we did, as it will be nice to share with you all, but unfortunately its too late to give out some inspiration which is what I love to do more than anything. I get my inspiration from everywhere, including reading some wonderful blogs online. My biggest dream for this blog would be to be that blog for other people. A source of inspiration, joy and love.


“Feeling the love this year! Kissing my Maccy D’s Moose! Love him”

January has also not got off to the best start – in terms of having to fit lots of in, and everyone still be a bit tired and myself still suffering a bit so everyone else has to pick up the slack -but no fear, i won’t let it get to me. I am not a “January is rubbish, so the rest of the year will be” kind of person. I am more of a, “we only get given what we can deal with” sort of person, and I try to be a bright side person. I do have off days, and down days especially if I am in pain but mostly, I am just thankful for my children, my husband, and my family and friends.

So hopefully, I will catching up on a few blog posts on why I’ve been ill, hopefully spreading a bit of knowledge, christmas, what I have in store for the new year, I have completed a few books, so if you specifically like my book reviews, keep an eye out for them. I am also hoping to fit more fun activities and day trips with my children, so that will fun to share too.

It is a bit late but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!