Butterfly Child Nailed It!

**** Edited!!!! Hopefully, the videos should now be working! I couldn’t put the final video reveal on as we had a few technical difficulties (Mainly I couldn’t stop using the children’s real names and ruining the video. But anyway hope you enjoy, Poppet and Monkeys “Nailed it’s!”****

Poppet and I have become a little obsessed with a Netflix programme called Nailed It, the host is a little exuberant and annoying but she’s supposed to be! And we love her and the show!

The basic premise is baking reality show where normal people, not necessarily bakers at home, try to recreate what I call Pinterest worthy cakes. From biscuits to look like their own faces to a shark eating a surfer cake and everything in between.

I love a good Pinterest browse, and I like to bake and share, so if you’ve been following me on instagram/twitter, you will know that we decided as Mr BC was due back today we would bake him a cake as a surprise homecoming cake, and because we can’t do anything simply, we decided to have our very own episode of Nailed It!

We each picked a cake we wanted to try to copy, but in our own fashion. I am working with a five and seven year old so we had to make it a bit easier.

Here are the cakes we picked to model our own after (we find them from a quick google search, obviously not our work and we thank who ever created them, we only used them as inspiration:

Friday after school we did a quick shop for all the bits we would need and headed off home to whip up some cakes! It was a very fun Friday evening!

Poppet and monkey had their very first experience of cracking an egg on their own, so there is a chance both cakes have got shell in them! 😂

The more we baked the more excited they got, which is always fun to be around! I try to keep the fun as much as possible but there is nothing better than seeing activities through a child’s eye! Everyone is fun, anything is possible and everything is shiny and new! I hope my children keep that for as long as possible! Everyday I try to keep that spirit alive not just for the kids, but for myself! We should try to see the beauty in everything!

Whilst we waited for the cakes to bake, we started making our fondant decorations. This was equal parts fun and messy but Poppet Nailed It, as seen above when she celebrated nearly finishing!

Saturday morning is always packed with dance runs (ballet and theatre school) so we couldn’t carry on until the afternoon but as soon as had lunch we got straight back to it! We couldn’t wait to finish and Sunday to come to show off to daddy.

We had buttercream to smother all over our cakes, icing to make and finding the perfect placement for our fondant decorations. The timer was on to get it all finished – so Poppet pressed her imaginary panic button (if you watch the show – this is where the contestants get to press a panic button and have three minutes of help form the judges) in our version it meant monkey helped Poppet finish her decorating which was beautiful seeing them work together so nicely!

But it was soon Sunday and Mr BC returned and we did our big reveal and then ate some yummy cake!

The children worked so hard, And both did amazing jobs! Poppet had a bit of help from me to create the shape of a unicorn, but she did so well, but monkey got a bit upset as he felt his wasn’t as good but I think it was incredible as he had no help at all! It was all his own work! I am incredibly proud of them both, and I am sure we will attempt another Nailed It again in the future. We all enjoyed a nice slice of cake and all the cakes were yummy!

I hope you enjoyed our version of Nailed It! We had lots of fun making the cakes and we are definitely going to enjoy eating them! It was supposed to be just a bit of fun to help time pass whilst waiting for daddy to return home! I hope you can all see how much fun we had, and it didn’t matter that the dining table was a mess afterwards because we had fun! Why don’t you all have ago and send me your pictures of your Nailed It’s!

Easter Holidays Part Two

So Mr BC took the kids out in a convertible, let them get sand all over my carpet and taught poppet to ride her bike! Could I top that? Did I want to? Was this a competition? HAHA! It was actually really nice as Mr BC was still off work for the second week too, so we got to spend the whole week as a family and that rarely happens so it was amazing!

We kicked off the holidays with a trip to Maplins as they had a sale on and monkey loves science so I thought it’d be cool to get some bits to build circuits. We found this incredible 100 and something circuit board for building all sorts of circuits and it is incredible. It will be along time before they have mastered how to build complicated circuits on there own, but they managed to get a light to turn on. We then headed over to Weymouth for a Dinosaur activity day. It wasn’t great but it was nice to get out the house and the kids behaved beautifully, so who can ask for more.

Mr BC treated us to some circuit experiment activities!
We met a dinosaur at Weymouth!
Poppet and Monkey actually sitting together nicely!
working together in the same book, i love how similar but very different they are. Luna is writing a story and Louen is drawing a story.
Fishing together too! we had a happy brother and sister day today

Next up for our week of Easter fun, I had planned ahead and got some Easter Crafts to do. Including some scratch art, mosaic making and jumping sheep. I think our work turned out beautifully. What do you think? Did you do any nice crafts over Easter?

Mr BC decided he would quite like a quieter day and we wanted to go out so off we went on an adventure with Mamma to a national trust spot we haven’t been to yet. As you probably all know I am an avid reader, I like stories, poems, pretty much anything.  But I love looking around houses, gardens and monuments, so out those two things together and I am going to love it. So Samuel Coleridges Cottage was right up my street, my children do also like to look around most houses/castles/garden, hence why we are national trust members, but could I sell a little cottage to them. Why yes, yes I could! Have you ever wanted to have a go at writing with a quill? My two have, and this is one of the activities at Coleridge Cottage.

We all loved it at this little cottage and spend the better part of 4 hours there! It was incredible, we did a spring tale, learned some poems, had a wander round the garden, Mamma and me got to enjoy a cream tea and both kids really enjoyed using a quill. I have a quill at home but I had to give it go, and Mamma couldn’t wait to give it a go! If you ever need a rainy day activity in Somerset I highly recommend it! It was incredible! We all had a wonderful afternoon and will definitely be returning.

Dress up!
My Quill Skills!
Quill Skills


Pretty Flowers

We also stopped off at Cerne Abbas to see the Giant Man! We did some gardening and spent lots of time playing as a family. It was wonderful, and I am really glad we got the chance to take the time off together. Its easy to get caught up in work, life and the stress of it all sometimes, and both Mr BC and myself work really hard, and we often have different times off to cover holidays etc, so when we get time all together it is extra special and this is my new promise to myself. With everything that has happened lately, and with life not always turning out as you hoped, I just have to remember to be thankful for what I’ve got and to work with what I’ve got. So we are going to have more holidays off and we are planning our first proper family holiday together as we speak! Exciting times ahead!

St Patrick Sun Catchers 

Following the post from over the weekend, we made sun catchers and for all of you out there interested, it is one of the simplest crafts I’ve ever set up and it kept the children entertained for ages. So if you are ever in need of a quick and easy craft idea, that isn’t too messy, why not give this a go?

What is needed:

Sticky back transparent film (like what used to be used to cover your book in school)

Coloured card

Small squares of tissue paper

I made a template for a shamrock (three leafed clover), a heart and egg for my girl, a shamrock, rainbow and bunny for my boy, and then used this to cut the shape in some card stock. We started with green card for the “shamrock” as we had talked a little about how Irelands colour is green and is known as the Emerald Isle! The choice of other shapes and colours, I left upto each child.

Shamrock template – a quick Pinterest search and I found lots of lovely templates. I do love a good Pinterest search!

After cutting out the shape, I covered the hole it left behind with sticky back, transparent film. I had previously cut up tissue paper into small squares, and I got my two crafters to tell me the colours of the rainbow, and I picked out those colours for them to use.
Now, they had everything they needed. I gave them some simple instruction to keep the pieces together and advised them to try not to leave gaps but then left them too it!



When she was finished, poppet held it up to the window and was amazed that the sun shone through the colours! It was a success! So much so, they wanted to make more. But I always like to finish a craft on a happy note, eager for more because then I know I can use it another day without them being bored of it. 

Lazy Parenting 101

If any of you have been following my blog, you know I have had some health issues as of late. It has meant all the things I had planned to do with my children have been put on hold, or we have had to adjust slightly. It is not great but my children are wonderfully understanding, and at the minute I don’t have a lot of choice. I do try on occasion to take the kids out and do exciting things, but then I spend four days recovering. So on this note, this post today is about my idea of lazy parenting. Obviously, they still get fed and bathed, although just lately, I needed help with that but that is another story. But I am talking about all the fun things I wanted to do with them.


(A very “healthy” but special dinner of pancakes at Poppins – one of our faves!)

It was science week at school and my children got obsessed with space, and we had saved a big box to turn into a rocket. But I haven’t much time at the minute, between working, school runs, out of school activities and just general life as a working mum, as well as spending most days in bouts of agony, meant I didn’t get to make the rocket. And the  box just kept getting moved from one room to another, before MR BC got annoyed and threw it out. The children were distraught! What is a mum to do?! Thank goodness for Hobby craft. A last minute run to the store, picked one up and had it assembled within minutes, and then the children spent a wonderful evening colouring together in peace and playing astronauts. Beautiful if slightly lazy but also wonderfully clever of me, if I don’t say so. Now a few years ago, I would have cried at myself. I crave making something from nothing, and we have made some amazing creations from cardboard boxes, but going from a stay at home mum to a working mum and with health issues thrown in, I don’t always have the time or inclination. In the future, we may crack out a box for a boat but for now, I am happy knowing that my children still get to help their imagination along with some simple crafting and I can have a few minutes in peace whilst they work, knowing I haven’t had to do much, but they are still enjoying themselves.


A happy and stress free mummy makes happy and content children!

So I take back the lazy parenting! This was pure genius on my part! When I had the time and inclination to build a rocket from scratch, good for me! Now I don’t have time nor the energy, so I bought a shop made one, still good for me.

I have lived both sides of the parenting debate (stay at home/working mum), I live with an undiagnosed issue that leaves me in pain, I have two children in school who still need my undivided attention on occasion and I gladly give it. We still have sleep issues with one and food issues with the other, and we live our life the best we can, with the cards we’ve been dealt and that is pretty good for us too! So, if I have learnt anything these last few months, it is to live how you want to, find happiness where you can, do things to make life easier if you can, enjoy time you have together and most of all cherish everything, all the time. I may not have built a rocket from scratch but my kids still think its a good enough rocket to get them to Mars and that is good enough for me.


Any excuse for a bit of….?

It’s St Patricks Day, so you can see where this post is heading….



Haha! I am a parent now, the answer was always going to be a spot of crafting! No Guiness fuelled partying for me anymore! Well not at the minute anyway!

I am going to start with an admission, as far as I am aware I have no Irish relatives and before today I really had no idea what St. Patricks Day was all about. I do not think I am alone in this, I am fairly confident most people in England who celebrate or go out or do anything for St Patricks day know what it is about. But being a parent, and using anything I can, to do something entertaining and educating is a win for me. So to Google I went, I usually would have been more for the “to the library” I go, but as I have been unwell, a quick internet search was all I could muster.

I have to admit, I am not sure if I am reading the wrong history articles or if I am completely misinterpreting the story of St Patrick but I got a little lost, and thought it might not be something I want to be telling my children all about at the minute. So instead we learnt all about Irish culture, traditions and most importantly we looked up some wonderful folk lore stories and myths, and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE a good story.  So we talked about the more typical elements of St Patricks, shamrocks, leprechauns and rainbows. All the things, my children can imagine and understand. fullsizeoutput_3073.jpeg

They both did some wonderful sun catchers in the shapes of clovers, rainbows and randomly my daughter did an egg, well it is nearly Easter.


Next we moved onto some cultural things I thought the kids would like. Poppet loved watching some videos of Irish dancing, she said it looked like tap dancing, something she has just gotten into but much faster and she doesn’t believe she could ever be that fast or look as good! her exact words were “but all those people are doing the same thing, at the exact same time!” Irish dancing was definitely a hit! For monkey, we needed something to grab his attention so obviously I went for food! We talked about what foods might be typical in Ireland, and whether he would enjoy some of the meals. But we also discussed what stereotypes might be, I found it really hard to explain what stereotyping was to a 7 year old without just saying well its a stereotype. 🙂 🙂

I love teaching and sharing things with my children, but I really want to share history and stories with them, not just my beliefs or views. I try to be really open and not succumb to stereotypes or misconceptions, but sadly we do all carry some. I try not and I am always learning and changing my perception to see the world fairly and with open eyes. Learning about other cultures and people is just step one for our little family into the big wide world, in the summer we are starting our travelling adventures. Monkey is desperate to see the colloseum, so we will be starting out journey in Rome! So, please forgive me if my next few months of blog posts are how to travel on a budget or best places to eat/sleep in Europe!



C*******s is coming…

Yes, yes its November and I have heard a lot of mumblings of its too early and its twelve days for a reason etc., etc. Christmas is not a swear word in our house. Granted my husband is not a huge fan of getting excited too early, but each year we have been together, he relaxes that little bit more. So much so, that in November Christmas is now a word we use all the time.

Last year, my mum was in hospital for nearly the whole of December so we didn’t do as many of the wonderful festivities and activities as we normally do, so this year I wanted to make everything perfect. Obviously life had other plans as I am now, lay up in bed recovering from appendicitis or something. But I will not be deterred, Christmas is an amazing time of the year, and my favourite time of the year. My mum and my husband, thankfully are happy to pick up some of my slack, I am hoping I recover quickly so we can do all the things I have planned; from an at home nativity, carol singing to crafts and visits to Santa, I love everything about Christmas and as I am feeling sorry for myself I thought now was a good time to start looking into things I can do from my sickbed.

On this note, we don’t put our decorations up until at least the first of December, and we have a friendly elf that comes to stay with us. So even though, we have a few more days until Christmas goes full steam ahead in our house, now is a good a time as any to start thinking about activities and crafts. Stay tuned for my round ups of Pinterest arts and crafts, what will probably be some hilarious practices of our “at home nativity”, written and starring my two beautiful children in various roles, a countdown to Christmas and possibly other musings as they spring to mind.

Almost Finished!

Party is on Saturday 28th, birthday is tomorrow! Trying to get a party finished and make sure you don’t accidentally forget to do something on the actual birthday is a huge thing for a parent. Even though its the holidays, we thought we will still do weekend just in case, but that means its 5 days after her actual birthday. I have been going crazy trying to finish off birthday games, party bags and decorations. I woke up yesterday morning, I thought what about all her presents and everything. Its her birthday on Monday, I’ve had to wrap all the presents quick and a mad dash to the shop yesterday for balloons, a banner and a cake for tea after I finish work. But after all that, its nearly here! My little poppet is nearly 5 years old, and the party planning is coming together nicely!


I’ve made lunch bags for individual food, which if you’ve got good memories, and as long as it looks good enough, do match her invites.

I’ve done a bit of upscaling, and I have remodelled some balloon trees we used for my sisters wedding two months ago. I just added new ribbon and I am making some balloon models to sit on top; a bat, a spider, a ghost and two pumpkins. IMG_7324.jpg

My final make for the day is slowly being revealed over on twitter, so have a look before I do the big reveal. I decided to make this little guy because even though my little poppet wanted halloween, she specifically wanted not scary. I have been on the lookout for cute halloween ever since, and this one thing I could not find that didn’t look a bit scary, so I’m making my own. Heres a clue, and yes I have my obligatory mug of tea with it. IMG_7323.jpg

After this weekend, I am at work all week. So I am entrusting the small cakes, biscuits and other food to my mum and sister, keep your fingers crossed for me. The main cake I am attempting myself in the evenings, it was originally going to be a ghost. But she saw a halloween unicorn in a tesco magazine, so I will attempting this over the course of the next few days. Keep an eye on my twitter/instagram for some sneaky peaks or possibly annoyed/stressed tweets as I try to do a crazy cake!

Give me a shout if any of you have any hints or tips! Or any good wine I drink whilst making it, I don’t think tea is going to cut it!

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball?

… Because he had nobody to go with!

I thought I would start with a really cheesy joke, so your expectations are not set too high!

As you may be aware I have been planning my daughters party and scouring the internet for games, decorations, food and everything to make it a wonderful party.

I gave a bit of a countdown of some of the collection of things I found. I have also given making some of my own a go! I am impressed with my creations, and my mum says they’re good, so you know, mums can’t lie!

In all seriousness, I love making things, trying new craft ideas, and I love nothing more than a good theme and getting my kids involved in making things.

I think I have built the anticipation enough, here are my versions of tin can alley (monster selection, pumpkin and ghosts), witches hat hoop-la, and monster bean bag toss.


This is probably the poorest showing of witch hat hoop-la you may ever see, so thats an achievement. I could not find my glue or my glue gun, so tape it was. It will do, and after 25 children have tried throwing glowsticks around them, they may look better. I can live in hope.


I really like how my pumpkin pots turned out. The pots were see through, and I didn’t want to cover them. Whilst trying to think what I could do with these, my son put tissue paper in one and I thought, that will work. Out came the orange tissue paper, and my trusted Sharpie and away I went.


Originally, these cups were supposed to be ghosts, but I am not sure what they are now. I quite liked just drawing lots of different faces, I don’t think any of them particularly look scary or ghostlike. But they are cute and thats all that counts in this house.


This set, this set I am especially proud of. I need to redo the blue monster, as you cannot see the face. But other than that, I love how good they all came out. My son really likes e the frankensteins monster one, but I have to admit I really like the mummy! What can I say mummies should stick together.

I haven’t got a photo of my bean bag toss monster yet, but I will update as soon as I’ve got one. Well, be brutal! What do you all think? Did I pinterest pass or fail? Have you guys ever made some carnival games or halloween themed crafts that you want to share?


Top 10 Halloween DIY Carnival Games

In the lead up to Poppets birthday, I have spent a lot of time researching halloween games and fun for her party, (read: in bed looking through pinterest!) and in doing so, I came across a lot of ideas and themes. I have picked a handful to make myself, which I will share with you later, for now heres my round up of my top ten choices for halloween diy games.

Kicking off at number 10 is:

10. Spooky Tic Tac Tae game with halloween painted rocks.

I love this ideas, as not only is it a great game idea for a small party, but the children get to join in painting the rocks before the party even begins. This game would be ideal for 4+ year olds and a small party with a handful of guests.

Its tic-tac-toe but with painted rocks to look a little spooky, but I think not only are they adorable, they aren’t scary either, which is perfect if you have sensitive little children.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 14.24.23.png
I think any younger and there will be temptation to eat the rocks, or lick them, you know generally drool all over your hard work, and even though I always supervise when little ones around, its always best to keep small objects out of the way if you have a mix of ages.
For my second point, I think a smaller party group would be best, as children no matter how old can get a little impatient at having to wait a turn.

Still I love how the creation can be a family event. Finding rocks and painting them, fun before the party/games even start. I am not so sure, my children painted faces would look as cool as this, but it would be something I would love to try in the future. As we have nearly 25 children at our party – this game will have to wait.

(Lovely idea from Maggie at Smashed Peas and Carrots)

9. Poke – a – Pumpkin

This may not be a smashing piñata, crazy game but when you have a room full of excitable 5 year olds, smashing a stick against a floating piece of hard cardboard, doesn’t seem too appealing, but if like me, you like the idea of a twist on lucky dip and want something different to a party bag, this might just be for you.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 14.29.36.png

I especially like how when stuck to a piece of backing board, it looks like a pumpkin. Each cup has a prize in and when a child breaks through the tissue paper, the prize will be revealed.

Ideal for parties, as you can make it as big or small as you want. The prizes can range from sweets right up to a small toy if you new so inclined. I imagine it is fairly easy to make – i havent attempted my version yet, as I still havent quite made my mind up on design but if  you want to see how to make your own head over to Project Denneler for a step by step guide.

8. If you’re a little more creative and talented this next one, might be for you.

Wooden Monster Bowling Set by Ideas Evite.

I imagine this skittle/bowling set will look beautiful in real life, if looking at the picture online is anything to go by. I would have loved to make these for my poppets birthday but my husband is currently away and a girl only has so much free time for making games for a party. These may have to wait for another year, but I will a set.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 14.40.04.png

Best Halloween Skittles I have seen, so original and unique. If anyone wants to take pity and knock me a set up, I would be so happy, I might make you a cake!

7. If you find you only have a day to go until your party and you need a quick game that anyone can make up, and you will have everything you need at home, this next one is for you.

Toilet Roll Bowling

Its exactly what it says on the tin. Draw a ghostly face on 6 toilet rolls, stack them up and throw something at them. Easy as that! I have found lots of examples of this over on Pinterest – and each is unique depending on what faces you draw. For added halloween bonus, get a small pumpkin to roll into your creation.


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 14.47.10.png

6. Pumpkin Lollipop Holder

This next one is not necessarily meant as a game – on all the pins, it was just being used as a holder. A cool decoration with a purpose.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 14.51.13.png

I am taking this idea, and running with it as a carnival game. Normally, lots of lolly are stuck in a board (which might be painted to look like a treasure map or a place) and the end of one lolly will be coloured in. This lolly is the winner and gets a better prize, and each child gets a lolly to keep!

I still just like this because its a halloween decoration and has purpose, it might also be perfect for decorating at halloween and your trick or treaters can take a lolly from your pumpkin. If you would like to make one yourself, head over to the craft/home/all round goddess that is Martha Stewarts website.

5. Pumpkin Toss

I’ve got to be honest I love the games at the fair, where you have to knock over the clown heads, or through the basketball through the hoop etc. So I have two halloween themed bean bag toss games. My first is cool because it shaped like pumpkins stood atop each other. Its a cardboard cutout, so easy to replicate at home and you can make it however you want, so it can as imaginative and original as you want to make it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 17.55.36.png I like this design is basically a pop with holes cut out – it makes the clean up so easy, as all the balls are still in the box. You can them behind, being contained by the box. Anything that can save me having to cross a room 70 – 80 times to collect balls  is alright with me.

You can all sorts of versions of this game, not just halloween, but for this specific one visit bhg – halloween parties.

4. Bean Bag Monster Toss from The Photographers Wife.

I love this version of the bean bag toss game because the monster is so cute, and you can add a bit of originality to it, just by changing the monster up a bit. Its really simple and easy to make, and the children could even make it themselves, before playing the game.

I love when a game can stem from a craft/ art activity. Its at least two days worth of activities all rolled into one.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 18.08.36.png

3. As we near the end, the ideas are incredible and can be achieved at home, with a lot of items we all just have around the house. These are my favourite types of activities. Easy, cheap and can be managed even by people that aren’t necessarily used to being crafty.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 18.12.13.png

If you head over to the DIY network, you can create your own spider web game with Hula Hoops and duct tape. The website here has really cute spiders to throw at the webs, but cotton wool balls or regular pom noms would have the same effect.

Basically, hang the webs made out of hoops and duct tape, and throw the items until they stick! Simple yet genius.

2. My second choice is something I have attempted with various degrees of success, probably doesn’t look as good as the author from Somethings Creative, but does anyones replica of something they have seen on pinterest ever look like the original.

I like this game purely because I am a big Harry Potter fan, and I think cute witches around halloween can be quite funny. I like the decorations and cakes with witches legs sticking upside down.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 18.22.40.png

This is the halloween take on hoopla, and it uses witch hats as the cones. In my version, I am making hoops out of glow sticks. I am hoping it will add a level of cool to my game, hopefully it will hide my not so perfect witch hat cones. 🙂

And my number 1 is one of my favourite fair/carnival games ever. I am not sure how easy or hard they make the game, I have never won. But that could also be because my aim is terrible, truly terrible, and I throw like a toddler. I have sense many different versions on Pinterest but this is probably my favourite.

  1. Halloween Tin Can Alley

I love Red Ted Art, I love looking at the different arts and crafts, myself and the children have tried a few in our time. But as soon as I saw this, I knew we had to have our own version for Poppets birthday! How could we not?! Cute, Halloween monster tin cans, its my perfect, and ideal halloween game!

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 18.54.35.png

I hope my version will turn out just as well as the ones above. These may be the most amazing things, I have ever seen in my life, ever! If you head over to Red Ted Art, she has taken some wonderful photos of her little boy painting these tins, and a whole bunch of other arts and crafts.

I would like to thank all the sites I have mentioned above, I love seeing other craft ideas, and these have been some of the most inspirational blogs I have ever read. I have got so many ideas for Poppets birthday, I’m just not sure I have a lot of time to do them all.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10, please feel free to leave me a comment and keep an eye out for some of my own versions of these games.

Prep for Halloween Birthday Bash

Poppets birthday is fast approaching which means party planning is well under way – you cannot move in our house for halloween decorations, scary pictures, banners and a whole host of halloween themed funfair stall games.

Poppet decided this year she wanted a halloween costume party but not too scary, and she wanted some games for all her friends to play, the sort of games you might play at a fair or carnival. BUT she wanted everything to be in line with her theme. Not asking for much then! 🙂
It is a good job, I love a good theme and I love to make things for my children to enjoy.

First, we had to think about which children to invite. Poppet has not been in school long, she has a few friends outside of school and from the other class, it wasn’t going to be as easy as just inviting the whole class, plus the hall we wanted could not cater for a whole class plus extras.
I made Poppet make a list of everyone she plays with, and who she could remember the names of. This was a start, we included friends from other classes, friends from out of school activities and included some family friends.
Once we had a list – we needed an invite. I googled to get some ideas, and I saw a wonderful invite to a halloween party on Grealish Greetings blog (I spent hours scouring Pinterest). I wanted something unique but cute for Halloween, not scary and not monsters.

There was a huge amount of ideas to search, but I was so happy when I came across this beautiful and cute design for an invite. It inspired my little poppet so much, this became her request for a cake too. (She has since changed her mind about the cake but it was cute whilst it lasted, more on that later.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.41.34.png

(Original invite can be found at Don’t be scurrrred! )
Poppet is a very particular, and wanted to be included as much as possible. I showed her the invites, and I gave it a go at making my own. I had over thirty to make and we had a mix of boys, girls and a few from the same family. I set to work, I love making things and I don’t claim to be amazing but I was still happy with my result. Poppet was happy with the invites and was very excited to give them out to all her friends.

poppet invites.jpg

What do you think to my finished results? I hand cut all the ghosts myself, on the blog it does provide a template but I quite liked making them all different shapes and sizes. I just couldn’t imagine all ghosts would be identical. I also added a button to some ribbon to make the bows, as I have an abundance of buttons, and I didn’t have any bows on hand. I went with it, and it is close to the original with my own little spin on it. I think they turned out ok. Grealish Greetings have so many other ideas for invites, and it is worth checking out if you have a party coming up.

When planning a children’s birthday party, it always helps to be organised. I have spreadsheets and alsorts to make sure everything is done and everyone accounted for. Ive got lists for food, checking with parents for allergies, lists for games and prizes. I could go on and on.

I won’t bore you with all of those details, I just like to have everything written somewhere. I also quite like a list to tick off, nothing better than completing a list of tasks and getting to tick or crossing them off.

Decorations are bought, banners are ready (ooh that reminds me, I need blu-tac), and we have ideas for food. Next, on the agenda is games for the children to play. I have started these already, so keep an eye out for another post shortly with some finished products.