Legoland August 2019

Mr BC works away from home a fair amount, so as a treat before he disappeared again he treated us to a trip and overnight stay to Legoland. On the whole it was an amazing weekend, but I have a few, just a little moan and I want to get it out first, so it doesn’t ruin my whole post. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I know it is a tourist attraction, a park that needs maintenance and upkeep and all of those things, but seriously the amount of money they expect you to spend is seriously crazy. And yes, I know we didn’t have to, but have you ever been. Its so easy to spend a ridiculous amount of money and not even realise and that’s before you get to the BIG shop.

We went in the middle of the summer, so it was busy and hot. We paid for the queue jumping facility but this didn’t even cover all the rides, you had to pay extra for the most special and amazing rides, and even with this, we still spent a good 4 hours queueing, thankfully we stayed in a hotel and got the second day free so we got plenty of time in the park. Drinks, food and snacks all day are not cheap either and next time, I am definitely taking a picnic.

So that’s my moan, the tickets are not cheap as it is and with everything else you end up spending too, its not a cheap weekend but all said and done, we love Lego and we adore Legoland so we will undoubtably go again and do it all again, including spending lots of money.

I feel better getting that off my chest, on to the good bits; literally everything else! I LOVE LEGOLAND!!! โค๏ธ


I could spend days just wandering around looking it all and taking it in and still want to go back for more. ย It wasn’t the best start as it rained the whole drive there but thankfully it stopped as we arrived. And of course our adventure started sooner as a trip across country is not the same without a stop at Fleet Services, its a given.


The kids were very excited to both finally be all enough to go on most rides, but even without that, they like me both just love Lego. The intricate and amazing builds they make are just wonderful to walk around and look at. We make up little stories as were going around about all the little lego men, It really is an amazing day out and if your family love Lego – its definitely worth a visit.

Take a look at our pictures from our weekend below:


Poppet had her first experience of 4D cinema as well, and I think I captured the moment perfectly and it might be my favourite of her ever! She always looks beautiful and it feels like she senses the camera coming and is always ready but not on this day. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


More of our weekend to come:


We were most exciting to visit the Ninjago ride, the spooky castle and Poppet was desperate to go on the boat ride. Monkey not so much as he’s not a fan of water but he was a trooper and did alright. He’s possibly not as brave as Poppet and he doesn’t face his fears in quite the same way but he still did amazing.

The best part for me (the kids really enjoyed the rides this year) is always mini land. I love seeing all the little details and intricacies. I am a huge fan of London (i know shocking right – if you don’t know this – then you need to go back and read some more of my posts! ๐Ÿ˜€) So I love seeing the mini version of London, but of course, there is so much of the world I haven’t seen and seeing all the min version really makes me want to travel to see it for real. I just need to get over this damn fear of flying.

As I mentioned Poppet is really brave but she is really scared of heights but does she let that stop her. Does it hell?? She is not only brave but when she is scared, she does not let it stop her, she faces her fears ( and yes she screamed almost the whole time but still) she conquers it all the time. Super proud of her!

That was the whole weekend! We stayed in a wonderful Holiday Inn, the place was beautiful, it had a swimming pool and beautiful rooms and the staff were friendly and amazing with the kids. Overall the weekend was fabulous and I can’t wait for our next adventure.


See you soon, The Butterfly Family x

Tina xx

Butterfly Child Nailed It!

**** Edited!!!! Hopefully, the videos should now be working! I couldn’t put the final video reveal on as we had a few technical difficulties (Mainly I couldn’t stop using the children’s real names and ruining the video. But anyway hope you enjoy, Poppet and Monkeys “Nailed it’s!”****

Poppet and I have become a little obsessed with a Netflix programme called Nailed It, the host is a little exuberant and annoying but she’s supposed to be! And we love her and the show!

The basic premise is baking reality show where normal people, not necessarily bakers at home, try to recreate what I call Pinterest worthy cakes. From biscuits to look like their own faces to a shark eating a surfer cake and everything in between.

I love a good Pinterest browse, and I like to bake and share, so if you’ve been following me on instagram/twitter, you will know that we decided as Mr BC was due back today we would bake him a cake as a surprise homecoming cake, and because we can’t do anything simply, we decided to have our very own episode of Nailed It!

We each picked a cake we wanted to try to copy, but in our own fashion. I am working with a five and seven year old so we had to make it a bit easier.

Here are the cakes we picked to model our own after (we find them from a quick google search, obviously not our work and we thank who ever created them, we only used them as inspiration:

Friday after school we did a quick shop for all the bits we would need and headed off home to whip up some cakes! It was a very fun Friday evening!

Poppet and monkey had their very first experience of cracking an egg on their own, so there is a chance both cakes have got shell in them! ๐Ÿ˜‚

The more we baked the more excited they got, which is always fun to be around! I try to keep the fun as much as possible but there is nothing better than seeing activities through a child’s eye! Everyone is fun, anything is possible and everything is shiny and new! I hope my children keep that for as long as possible! Everyday I try to keep that spirit alive not just for the kids, but for myself! We should try to see the beauty in everything!

Whilst we waited for the cakes to bake, we started making our fondant decorations. This was equal parts fun and messy but Poppet Nailed It, as seen above when she celebrated nearly finishing!

Saturday morning is always packed with dance runs (ballet and theatre school) so we couldn’t carry on until the afternoon but as soon as had lunch we got straight back to it! We couldn’t wait to finish and Sunday to come to show off to daddy.

We had buttercream to smother all over our cakes, icing to make and finding the perfect placement for our fondant decorations. The timer was on to get it all finished – so Poppet pressed her imaginary panic button (if you watch the show – this is where the contestants get to press a panic button and have three minutes of help form the judges) in our version it meant monkey helped Poppet finish her decorating which was beautiful seeing them work together so nicely!

But it was soon Sunday and Mr BC returned and we did our big reveal and then ate some yummy cake!

The children worked so hard, And both did amazing jobs! Poppet had a bit of help from me to create the shape of a unicorn, but she did so well, but monkey got a bit upset as he felt his wasn’t as good but I think it was incredible as he had no help at all! It was all his own work! I am incredibly proud of them both, and I am sure we will attempt another Nailed It again in the future. We all enjoyed a nice slice of cake and all the cakes were yummy!

I hope you enjoyed our version of Nailed It! We had lots of fun making the cakes and we are definitely going to enjoy eating them! It was supposed to be just a bit of fun to help time pass whilst waiting for daddy to return home! I hope you can all see how much fun we had, and it didn’t matter that the dining table was a mess afterwards because we had fun! Why don’t you all have ago and send me your pictures of your Nailed It’s!

Whilst mummy is at work…

During the Easter holidays, I decided to take the second week off and leave Mr BC with the children for the first week. I won’t say babysitting, because that is not what that is. Mr BC is their dad, not a babysitter. He entertained them in his own little way, and he sent me photos whilst they spent the whole week together. AS Mr BC is military, he is away a lot, so for him to spend a whole week with just the children was incredible and they loved it.


They all went out for the day in Mr BC’s convertible volvo! Mamma even went along as she loves a convertible. By all counts, they looked like they had lots of fun. Poppet is moving a bit as she gets a bit cold in the car with the roof down, which is funny because she is the warmest child I know. In the winter on a cold day, she will refuse to take her coat to school as she is hot! But a bit of wind in the car and she hates it!

Another activity they enjoyed was taking their new bikes out. Monkey learnt to ride his bike last summer and has never looked back. Poppet learnt last summer but had really outgrown her bike and needed a new one. We bought her one and it was a little bigger and it scared her, so she then wouldn’t get on her bike again for six months. So when Mr BC sent me this video I was thrilled. He had not only managed to get her back on her bike, he had re-learnt her how to ride.

I am very excited for the summer holidays, as I have a new bike too and I cannot wait for long bike rides and picnics in the park.

Whilst I was at work he would send me over lots of beautiful pictures of all the activities the children were doing. It was wonderful, almost like I was there. However, when he sent me this one, happiness was not my first response. Here is monkey and poppet painting eggs and doing Easter Sand Art, you might be asking yourself why might this annoy me.


Well, we have a dining room with a dedicated craft corner that Mr BC lovingly built for me. In the dining room is also a wood flooring and I feel like my dining room is a relaxed family friendly area. I try to keep my living room as adult friendly as possible, the kids can and do play in there but I try to keep it tidy and relaxing, so when I come home from work I don’t have to do a massive tidy up before I can even sit down, and it has a tight knit carpet which is hard to pick anything up from. Why is this relevant? Well, here are my two beloved children doing sand art in the living room, spilling sand all over my living room carpet. Can you guess who didn’t hoover the sand up from the living room and left it for someone else to do? ๐Ÿ˜ณ

But in all honesty, I am just really glad they got to spend the week together, doing lots of fun things and enjoying each others company. I forgave the sand in the carpet, especially when it came to Easter weekend and Mr BC had excelled himself with the easter egg he got me from the kids! (Malteser and Giant Kinder Egg, just in case you were wondering.)

Stay tuned for what we did for the second week!

*** Oh and as an added bonus because I forgot to put this on, heres a slow mo video of our jumping sheep! We loved making these. ***

Prep for Halloween Birthday Bash

Poppets birthday is fast approaching which means party planning is well under way – you cannot move in our house for halloween decorations, scary pictures, banners and a whole host of halloween themed funfair stall games.

Poppet decided this year she wanted a halloween costume party but not too scary, and she wanted some games for all her friends to play, the sort of games you might play at a fair or carnival. BUT she wanted everything to be in line with her theme. Not asking for much then! ๐Ÿ™‚
It is a good job, I love a good theme and I love to make things for my children to enjoy.

First, we had to think about which children to invite. Poppet has not been in school long, she has a few friends outside of school and from the other class, it wasn’t going to be as easy as just inviting the whole class, plus the hall we wanted could not cater for a whole class plus extras.
I made Poppet make a list of everyone she plays with, and who she could remember the names of. This was a start, we included friends from other classes, friends from out of school activities and included some family friends.
Once we had a list – we needed an invite. I googled to get some ideas, and I saw a wonderful invite to a halloween party on Grealish Greetings blog (I spent hours scouring Pinterest). I wanted something unique but cute for Halloween, not scary and not monsters.

There was a huge amount of ideas to search, but I was so happy when I came across this beautiful and cute design for an invite. It inspired my little poppet so much, this became her request for a cake too. (She has since changed her mind about the cake but it was cute whilst it lasted, more on that later.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.41.34.png

(Original invite can be found at Don’t be scurrrred!ย )
Poppet is a very particular, and wanted to be included as much as possible. I showed her the invites, and I gave it a go at making my own. I had over thirty to make and we had a mix of boys, girls and a few from the same family. I set to work, I love making things and I don’t claim to be amazing but I was still happy with my result. Poppet was happy with the invites and was very excited to give them out to all her friends.

poppet invites.jpg

What do you think to my finished results? I hand cut all the ghosts myself, on the blog it does provide a template but I quite liked making them all different shapes and sizes. I just couldn’t imagine all ghosts would be identical. I also added a button to some ribbon to make the bows, as I have an abundance of buttons, and I didn’t have any bows on hand. I went with it, and it is close to the original with my own little spin on it. I think they turned out ok. Grealish Greetings have so many other ideas for invites, and it is worth checking out if you have a party coming up.

When planning a children’s birthday party, it always helps to be organised. I have spreadsheets and alsorts to make sure everything is done and everyone accounted for. Ive got lists for food, checking with parents for allergies, lists for games and prizes. I could go on and on.

I won’t bore you with all of those details, I just like to have everything written somewhere. I also quite like a list to tick off, nothing better than completing a list of tasks and getting to tick or crossing them off.

Decorations are bought, banners are ready (ooh that reminds me, I need blu-tac), and we have ideas for food. Next, on the agenda is games for the children to play. I have started these already, so keep an eye out for another post shortly with some finished products.