Ideas for future fun

Whilst in lockdown, we started to think of ideas of where we want to visit when lockdown is over. We love to travel and go on exciting adventures as a family. So check out our ideas below of places we want to visit below.

Endo wall in Cardiff

I would love street art, so I would really like to take the kids and the camper van and maybe do a little camping holidays checking out stree art. I would love to visit the Endo wall in Cardiff, it was a couple of years ago now, so I don’t know if it still there but as I suffer from endo I would love to go get a photo in front of the wall. The owner of the house is also a suffer and she painted the wall yellow and decorated it with endo related art to raise awareness and I think it looks amazing.

Obviously high up in our agenda is a trip to London, it really is like our second home and we still have so many places to explore. First stop, National History Museum and The National Gallery and Tate Modern. We also want to picnic in Green Park and stay at our favourite hotel in Wembley.

I want to go on a river cruise on the Thames as I missed out last time.

For a family holiday in the camper, I’d quite like to head up to the highlands of Scotland and show the kids places I visited as a child. Scotland is a beautiful place and I really want the kids to see and enjoy it as I did growing up. We would visit every year and these were some of my favourite family holidays.

I also plan on tackling my fear of flying head on. My best friend is gonna take me across to Ireland for a short plane trip as she is my comfort blanket and makes me feel at ease when I am scared. Which I know sounds daft but I just have so much more confidence and I feel braver with her, and once I know I can do something with her, then I feel better attempting it on my own. I know it might not be that easy with a panic attack inducing, phobia but I am willing to try anything. Speaking off, my other friends son has also offered to take me up in his small plane to see if this will help, and I am going to be brave and have a go.

Monkey wants to go exploring in the wild some more and find some hidden places to climb trees and build dens, and we love a good walk and outside play. Poppet would like to go to some adventure parks and petting zoos as she is a bit more adventurous and wants to ride a horse again.

We would like to experience a bit more of Europe and although it won’t be any time soon, we are also discussing where we could go for -our next trip abroad. I would like to visit a Seoul with my friends when they go, but I really need to work on my fear before that will be possible.

So far, that is all we have discussed but we cannot wait to start getting out and about soon. Although it won’t be for a little while for us still just yet. Although, England is opening up a little bit, my mum is of the older variety and we wouldn’t want to bring anything back to make her poorly. So for now, we are still limiting ourselves to walks with the dogs and going to shops only when necessary still. I am working from home and the kids are still homeschooling. We know we could go out but we just want to see how things are working out as lockdown is lifted before we start thinking of our next adventure. And for now, we are enjoying bring the adventures to us.

What have you guys been up to during lockdown? Have you found exciting ways to keep you entertained? What will be the first adventure you all go on?

Bye for now, Butterfly Child 🌞💜

Top 10 Tips for trips to Legoland

I wanted to write a quick post on some pitfalls to avoid on your trip to Legoland and some good ideas for the day too.


Top Ten Tips

1. I know its hard to do but avoiding really busy holidays are best. Next time I am going to plan to go on an INSET day as not every school has the same days off, so hopefully won’t be as busy. If you do have to go in busier times, as much as it is expensive the queue jumping Q-bot is worth it, otherwise you won’t fit many rides in and will not get a full days worth of exploring.

2.Eat a good breakfast at home and take a picnic to cover at least one of your meals. Some of the food is not great, and not worth the extraordinary amount of money it costs.

3. Refillable Bottle for fizzy drinks/pop etc is good to get at the start of the day. We got two for the kids at £10 each which yes again, more money but you can refillable drinks all day and we just shared the two bottles between 4 of us! We also had water bottles which you can fill around the park too for water stops. (Wonderfully modelled by monkey and poppet below).

**Extra Tip – keep the receipt! They sometimes ask to see it to check you paid for it that day! Sneak people at Legoland. Want you to buy one each visit 🙄**


4. To make the most of your visit – if you can afford it – its worth looking at a weekend visit. As you get the second day free so don’t have to rush as much and we got two days at Legoland and the hotel (which was beautiful) for a fair price. It’s worth looking around on compare websites to get the best deal.

(When looking at weekend stays, its a little more expensive but I would highly recommend this hotel. Holiday Inn- Maidenhead)

5. If you can get there early and head straight to the busier rides. Always a good idea as the queues just get longer and longer as the day goes on.

6. Take a rain coat.if it rains or you go on water rides, you will thank me! Don’t pay for the yellow plastic anoraks. We had to get them as we didn’t pick sensibly, it was summer and had been hot all week. But it rained and we went on the water rides and they are ugly, uncomfortable and an expense you don’t need.

7. Legoland has lockers to put bags etc, use them! i wish we had remembered the spare clothes and our raincoats and I would have used the lockers to store it all, it would have saved backpacks and buying awful anoraks.

8. Take snacks from home – crisps, fruit, sweets – its all so expensive and no different to what you get at Tesco really.

9. We all love photos on rides and I know its an added expense – it just depends how much you want photos. You can buy a pass before and it is worth it if you’re going to go on all the rides with photos and also keep an eye out for the people wandering around with cameras as they will also take some nice family shots in front of the lego and stuff. If you don’t go on all the rides and meet these people though, even the pass is expensive for little outcome. So if you’re not bothered – pass on the photos but make sure you’re phone is charged to take plenty of your own.

10. Lastly, my final tip – have fun! I know it can be an expensive day but it doesn’t have to be. There is plenty of ways to spend your day without shelling out lots of money. The water park is always fun, mini land is my favourite past time and all the rides as much as queuing is a pain, are worth it.


I hope you enjoy your visit to Legoland whenever you get to go! Share your pictures and your tips and ideas below.


Legoland August 2019

Mr BC works away from home a fair amount, so as a treat before he disappeared again he treated us to a trip and overnight stay to Legoland. On the whole it was an amazing weekend, but I have a few, just a little moan and I want to get it out first, so it doesn’t ruin my whole post. 😂

I know it is a tourist attraction, a park that needs maintenance and upkeep and all of those things, but seriously the amount of money they expect you to spend is seriously crazy. And yes, I know we didn’t have to, but have you ever been. Its so easy to spend a ridiculous amount of money and not even realise and that’s before you get to the BIG shop.

We went in the middle of the summer, so it was busy and hot. We paid for the queue jumping facility but this didn’t even cover all the rides, you had to pay extra for the most special and amazing rides, and even with this, we still spent a good 4 hours queueing, thankfully we stayed in a hotel and got the second day free so we got plenty of time in the park. Drinks, food and snacks all day are not cheap either and next time, I am definitely taking a picnic.

So that’s my moan, the tickets are not cheap as it is and with everything else you end up spending too, its not a cheap weekend but all said and done, we love Lego and we adore Legoland so we will undoubtably go again and do it all again, including spending lots of money.

I feel better getting that off my chest, on to the good bits; literally everything else! I LOVE LEGOLAND!!! ❤️


I could spend days just wandering around looking it all and taking it in and still want to go back for more.  It wasn’t the best start as it rained the whole drive there but thankfully it stopped as we arrived. And of course our adventure started sooner as a trip across country is not the same without a stop at Fleet Services, its a given.


The kids were very excited to both finally be all enough to go on most rides, but even without that, they like me both just love Lego. The intricate and amazing builds they make are just wonderful to walk around and look at. We make up little stories as were going around about all the little lego men, It really is an amazing day out and if your family love Lego – its definitely worth a visit.

Take a look at our pictures from our weekend below:


Poppet had her first experience of 4D cinema as well, and I think I captured the moment perfectly and it might be my favourite of her ever! She always looks beautiful and it feels like she senses the camera coming and is always ready but not on this day. 😂😂😂


More of our weekend to come:


We were most exciting to visit the Ninjago ride, the spooky castle and Poppet was desperate to go on the boat ride. Monkey not so much as he’s not a fan of water but he was a trooper and did alright. He’s possibly not as brave as Poppet and he doesn’t face his fears in quite the same way but he still did amazing.

The best part for me (the kids really enjoyed the rides this year) is always mini land. I love seeing all the little details and intricacies. I am a huge fan of London (i know shocking right – if you don’t know this – then you need to go back and read some more of my posts! 😀) So I love seeing the mini version of London, but of course, there is so much of the world I haven’t seen and seeing all the min version really makes me want to travel to see it for real. I just need to get over this damn fear of flying.

As I mentioned Poppet is really brave but she is really scared of heights but does she let that stop her. Does it hell?? She is not only brave but when she is scared, she does not let it stop her, she faces her fears ( and yes she screamed almost the whole time but still) she conquers it all the time. Super proud of her!

That was the whole weekend! We stayed in a wonderful Holiday Inn, the place was beautiful, it had a swimming pool and beautiful rooms and the staff were friendly and amazing with the kids. Overall the weekend was fabulous and I can’t wait for our next adventure.


See you soon, The Butterfly Family x

Tina xx

London Adventure

Over the weekend (Back in June- my uploads might not be working🤦‍♀️) the kids, Mr BC and I went to Wembley to see BTS in concert and wow it was incredible!

I have a new blog all about my new found love for Kpop and BTS over at if you want to read more about this! I will share some photos here but they aren’t the best quality as my phone was having a right moment!

Going to London with my amazing family to see BTS in concert is absolutely in my top amazing memories now!

The kids had an awesome time! We saw a Hamleys bear and we got to the BT21 pop up store which I definitely think was a highlight for them! BT21 are like friends created by the BTS members and the kids love them!

The kids were most excited about their army bombs as they both worked so hard to get the money for one by improving their writing at school and helping with chores!

There first look at Wembley was also quite impressive!

We all had an amazing time at the concert! We had been looking forward to it for weeks and it lived up to our expectations and more!!!

The show is relatively family friendly, some of the dance moves could be considered a bit risqué but my two are young enough to not understand and just enjoyed the singing and dancing. And on the whole they are a very family friendly group! They are pretty good role models as far as I am concerned. They are passionate, hard working, humble gentlemen. What more could you ask for? Well not only this but they are also spreading a brilliant message to love yourself and are always supporting all sorts of amazing groups and they discuss all topics even taboo subjects such as depression. And to top it all off they are all talented in singing, dancing and rapping and the show they put on is phenomenal!

Check out the trailer below to see just a snippet of their performance. It is incredible they sold out Wembley Stadium and it was totally deserving!

I was lucky to have tickets for both nights!!

So whilst I went off on a grown up adventure all of my own to the concert for the second day – the kids and Mr BC headed off into London for a London adventure!!

It’s not often the kids go off without me! It was a special weekend, it’s not often daddy gets to take them out so it was extra special to see them bonding! I did worry for a bit, not because I don’t trust Mr BC but just for the fact that it’s normally me going off with the kids and today I was getting my own adventure and they were leaving me behind. I missed them but I soon got over my anxiety when I met friends and had a cider! 😂

I can’t share much of their adventure as I wasn’t there but I do have pictures so I hope you enjoy looking through them!

I am going to ask the kids to explain what there day was like with their daddy and I will add this later!!

After a very exciting weekend we all headed home on the train which was an exciting adventure all of its own! oh we also had a quick stop at the Harry Potter shop! Poppet also loved the tubes and was living her best life posing every chance she got!

We finally made it home tired but extremely happy!!!

We would definitely do it again next year if we get chance but we will be returning to London no matter what for more adventures for sure!

Me and the kids have also not gotten BTS or kpop out of our system and we have had it on in the house and car already!!! So bring on more music, more adventures and more living and loving!!

I fell down a Pinterest hole into a wonderland of Chinese dramas and K-pop…

I am not even sure how it happens, but some days do you ever find yourself looking for one thing on pinterest and six hours later found yourself, somewhere completely different and maybe discovering something new to get into. You know, like your looking for ideas for a birthday party and before you know it, your looking at crazy cat videos or like me, you’re watching interviews with boys with names like Rap Monster and Jimin and discovering J-Hope might be the most wonderl and happy person you’ve ever seen. Or worse, finding you really love the new drama you’re watching but then Netflix recommends 8 more dramas and you just don’t have enough time.

I love and hate those times in equal measures. I love finding new things, I hate when you realise you have to be up in about 3 hours and you haven’t slept yet.

I did just that, I discovered something as I fell down a Pinterest/ YouTube rabbit hole and got a little obsessed with it. Not in a crazy stalker obsessed way, but I like what I like and when I discover a new passion, love or hobby. I go all in! Go big or go home was pretty much a saying made for me.

My latest crazy find, probably started a long time ago, but has been a slow burn. I have always loved a good comic, which as I earned more money, become a love for graphic novels and slowly moved onto Anime and Manga. Enter Studio Ghibli stage left. I was hooked, Howls Moving Castle might be one of my all time favourite films ever. I wanted to watch everything, but then as time passed and I had children and my attention shifted to everything being relating to them, I lost a bit of myself.

I think as parents we do, everything in life is suddenly all consumed with these small children ruling everything in our world. And that is brilliant, I love being a mum and I love that my children are my world but I think, and I don’t know if this is just me, but I forgot they aren’t literally my whole world, once you have children, you don’t have to swap all your favourite things for paw patrol and CBeebies. I don’t think anyone ever told me that, I think when I had children, my confidence took a bit of a hit, and I lost a bit of myself for a while. I think it happens because for a long time, babies and children need you to be all consumed by them, but eventually you need to claim back a bit of time for yourself, at least I do. I love my kids that goes without saying but I love me too. I love that I am a bit quirky, I have a geeky side, I love being mummy, but I also love being Tina. A big part of my confidence loss, was losing touch with things I like, for me. Doing things just because I love them, taking time to discover what new things I might be missing out on because I am always trying to make sure everyone else is happy. This is still hugely important to me but a happy Tina is a happy mummy. The part of me where I discovered loves for myself, is slowly returning, a lot of my time is taken up in knowing what my kids love, what they need/want. And this isn’t a bad thing at all, I love being close to my kids but it’s nice now they are older to remember that I am Me as well as mum. I am not completely back to the old me, and I wouldn’t want to be, as my children make me a better person, but I am slowly gaining my confidence back and discovering all new things, and rediscovering old passions, now I have some time to do this. Taking time for myself has been a massive learning curve for me, but it has done me a world of good. And the biggest and best part of this, is that everything I love or am crazy about, I can introduce to the kids and if they love it too, it’s just an extra thing we can have in common and love together. It gives us more things to do together. And if they don’t love it, it means I get to take some time to enjoy something on my own without feeling guilty because they wouldn’t be interested anyway. Win win!

I recently introduced them to Ghibli and thankfully for me, they love it. So I treated myself to some new Blu-rays for my birthday, so we have lots of family movie nights planned.

Onto my recent craze, I have become a fan of Asian dramas, I think it started because I watched an anime on Netflix and then it shows you related programmes and before you know it, I full on found myself watching K-Dramas and Chinese dramas and following post on Pinterest and Instagram. I think I originally just liked seeing the food, oh the food. It makes me hungry to watch and I get so inspired to try new food, which for me is huge, as I’m not a foodie by nature. I don’t plan my day around food, in fact some days I could go all day without eating, but seeing all of this yummy food really inspires me. But then I found myself falling for the stories and characters and wanting more, so now when you see my Netflix feed it has gone from 2/3 English tv and films to 90% Asian programmes,and I am not ashamed, I love them.

I imagine my friends are fed up of hearing about them but I think I must actually be quite sweet or endearing, or they just love me regardless of my little quirks, so they put up with me and my obsessive nature. It might be one of the things they all love about me, who knows, but I don’t think I am going to change anytime soon. So as well as being an introduction to my new love, this blog post is also an apology to my family and friends, I don’t think I am getting over it anytime soon, and I have also introduced the kids to some aspects of it and they love it too, so probably not going away, so I’m sorry, you might get you’re ear chewed off a little bit more.

I treated myself to an inspire me: Korea box for my birthday and I wasn’t disappointed.

So where is this little craze taken me so far? Well, not only am I loving the dramas and some of the actors (wow, pretty people) but I also am loving K-Pop. It’s been a very long time since I got excited by newer music, there have been some new bands and artists I like but for the majority, I pretty much listen to the same things I always have. Having a music and dance obsessed daughter has helped introduce me to some new music I love but k-pop is all me. I love it. I think BTS becoming huge in the last year has helped, as it has made it easier to get music and videos. Plus they are everywhere at the minute. They are very young, which makes me feel really old but I still love the music and the dancing. So much energy put into each song and the choreography is amazing. I think I’m probably a lot older than their average fan but I don’t feel old and I enjoy their music and I quite like the members. They all have unique and inspiring personalities! So I don’t think it matters I’m a little older than their usual audience!

The kids are also enjoying my k-pop moment as they quite like it too. Poppet likes to dance and sing, so she loves watching anything with a good beat and a dance she can copy. Monkey on the other hand used to love to dance and went to classes like poppet, but he quit and I think that although at home I have always tried to avoid boy/girl differences and have always said they can both do/act/play/like whatever they want, I think it can be hard once you get to school.

At home, I try my hardest to pass no judgement and let the kids do whatever they want, be whoever they want to be. So if monkey likes pink, brilliant! He wants to dance, crack on. But once he started school, and wasn’t with me 100% of the time, it didn’t matter what I said, suddenly the opinion of more than just me mattered. Sad day for me! 😞 Thankfully, he is quite a strong character and doesn’t usually let what others say bother him, but I have noticed a drop in his confidence and like I say he quit dancing. I don’t necessarily think anyone said outright dancing was for girls, but he definitely went through a stage of not wanting to do anything that would be seen as “girly’, and he has definitely been knocked back confidence wise. I am fine with this and I believe he will find himself and what he loves again, especially as he hasn’t completely lost his uniqueness, it’s jut taken a step back whilst he finds himself at school, finds his friends and discovers who He is and I know this might take years, but the best part of me discovering these new things, is that it can also be inspiring for my children. When monkey saw seven young men dancing in a band on tv and winning awards and putting together some amazing dance routines and singing, it really encouraged him and he has been watching the music videos on repeat and dancing along with them all weekend. It’s absolutely wonderful to see. So my new crazy obsession has become a bit of a family craze (not quite totally, as Mr BC is not on board, but this is my blog and the kids definitely take after me on the whole crazy personality side of things).

Monkey pulling his best K-pop pose! This is his “Jin – Worldwide handsome face”

Monkey learned how to make heart shaped with his fingers from a BTS interview, love him!

So my new quirky, love and inspiration for Asian food, dramas, music and entertainment, isn’t going anywhere. I will never again call the internet or social media as it opens up the world like nothing before. I may never get to visit any of these places as I am scared of flying but I can still follow all of these people and trends and see things that I wouldn’t have gotten to before. So my social media feeds might be covered in all things BTS, and my Pinterest boards might become a little more diverse. I collect obsessions like some people collect stamps or ornaments. I don’t lose one obsession when I gain a new one, I just keep collecting and adding to them. So my book reviews will still be continuing and my family will still go on crazy adventures, but it just might be infused with us singing along to Korean boy bands or trying out crazy dance moves in the living room.

That’s it, you’ve finally got to the end of my completely random, round up of my latest crazy obsession. Well done! Any of you dying to go google BTS or K-pop, go do it!

I’ll make it easy, here’s the official website for them. They have a huge social media presence and if pop/rapping/ a slight r n b vibe is your thing, go have a look. Even if it’s not, check out the dance moves anyway. I didn’t think it was my thing either, but I think I fell a little in love with them!

For now, don’t forget to spend a little time on you, make time for yourself, discover an old hobby of your own, or have fun finding a new craze. Trust me, I have loved discovering a new craze and Remembering what is it like to enjoy something for me!

See you soon, Butterfly Child xxx

February … is my favourite month

Firstly, an apology. I haven’t written as many blog posts as I had wanted to this last month, but I am hoping you will accept this blog post filled with all our exciting times over February as an apology and as an excuse as to why I haven’t written as much as I would have liked. I had such a busy, action packed and filled February, I didn’t get much time to write. But onwards with our exciting look back into February.

February is my favourite month for so many reasons, but I guess it starts with my birthday! I love my birthday, I am like a child and even though I know I am getting older, I don’t care. I love celebrating the year that has gone by and looking forward to the next. I like that I get to do all the things I love and I can make everything about me! I know, I know how childish and selfish does that sound, but I think everyone should get at least  one day a year where its all about them.

The second reason I love February is SNOW! If we are ever going to get snow in the UK, you can bet chances are high it will be in February. And this year, this year was my year! I made a birthday wish for snow on my birthday and I went to bed on the 31st of January, the snow started to fall… I was so excited that at midnight I went out to play. When I woke up in the morning, the snow was everywhere, I had booked the day off work and the kids got a snow day. We made a huge snowman, which fell over and broke my glasses, and poppet cried.

Dixon Dog really enjoyed the snow, we all had hot chocolates, and I treated myself to some Studio Ghibli DVD’s, a BTS album and some new books! My birthday was perfect this year.


We had a Chinese New Year themed party where we had an amazing Chinese takeaway, we made paper dragons, a pig keyring and watched Mulan. My mum picked an awesome cake for me, and every year she makes my birthday epic! I wish everyone had my mum to spoil them every year, because she is awesome! Nick and the kids helped me make some decorations, we had Chinese lanterns, the kids painted tea light candle jars for the table and we had pig banners they had coloured.


February was also the month for selfies and snapchat apparently, as I have a phone filled with so many selfies and snapchat screenshots. When monkey and I have to wait for poppet after her ballet class, we often take silly selfies, in fact whenever we have a spare few minutes, we indulge in a few silly faced photos. I often feel quite sad for monkey, as he spends a lot of time waiting outside dance classes, he always gets dragged along to shows and rehearsals and alsorts. But he takes it all in his stride and is very proud of his sister. Plus I think we both quite enjoy the half an hour or so where it’s just me and being him being silly and playing games.


I tried out a couple of Subscription boxes for my birthday and loved them. I had Inspireme Korea and Kawaii Box. Each filled with beautiful things from Korea, China and Japan.

Poppet had a week of exraordinary hairstyles which took over my instagram and was very fun to do everyday. I love writing my blog and I love sharing snaps of our weird crazy life, and when I asked poppet what we should focus on for the week, she wanted some wonderful and wacky hair. So we indulged and did a brand new hairstyle every day for a week. Some of it was fun, some challenging and some days a right pain in the … I’ll let you finish that sentence.


 The saddest part of February for us, was when Mr BC had to leave for work. But as he would be missing our wedding anniversary, he took me and the kids away for a night in the camper van. We went to stay in South Wales for a night and it was very cold but brilliant. We love going for nights away in the campervan, and I hope this year will be filled with lots of exciting trips.

 My bestie took us for a walk to Fairy Falls, as this is what I had asked for, for my birthday treat. I wanted to go on a nice walk and get some nice photos. Unfortunately it was a bit rainy so I left my camera in the car, but the phone did the job just fine. It was beautiful and such a lovely quiet place. I can’t wait to go back. Plus I got to spend the day with my beautiful godson. He is growing up really fast and I love his little squishy face.


Middle of February and we were still feeling the Chinese fever, as we headed to the Octagon Theatre for the Chinese New Year Extravaganza. I have never seen anything quite like it before in my life. It was an amazing experience. So many talented and amazing people. Balancing tables on their heads, contortionists fitting into really small spaces, and the finale with the dragon dance was immense. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I can’t wait until next year.


 With spring soon to arrive and hopefully warmer weather, we headed out to the adventure farm park in Brean. We wanted to see Llamas and play on some rides. Poppet faced her fears by going on some high rides and cried the whole time, but still she was very brave. Monkey was also very brave and I am so proud of them both. We had a wonderful day. We took my sister and Mini monkey (my nephew) with us and it was amazing.


First frappuccino of the year…

 We have had some lovely days at the start of spring. I am not usually a warmer weather / sunshine kind of person, but as I get older I am finding I do love a warm day and I am even looking forward to summer more than I usually do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As the end of the month came to a close, excitement reached its peak in our house as BTS ( here comes some back story to explain our excitement) – I have known about this band since last year when they appeared on Graham Norton but I didn’t really fall for their charms until January of this year, and since then my love has grown and I am having an attack of boyband fan girling, as I have gone crazy for them – towards the end of the month, revealed they would be going on a world tour again. The best thing about having children that enjoy the same as you and are happy to listen and dance to music, is that I get to share my love and passion with them. So now we are a family of huge BTS fans, a girl on twitter even said we were #familygoals which made my day. I grew up listening to songs my parents liked and my sisters and brothers liked and eventually I added my own collection of music I enjoy to it. So I have a huge, wide eclectic taste in music that spans decades and genres. I have always loved music and to dance, and getting to share this with my children is beautiful. I know we aren’t always going to like the same things but I am glad me and the children are similar enough we have quite a lot in common and we can share so much.

Anyway, I digress again. So BTS revealed they were going on tour. Me and the kids were adamant we were getting tickets, so 1st of March we arrived at school early so i could sit, phone poised, ready to get tickets. We logged on at 8:15am and waited. Tickets went live and my phone kicked into gear. But nothing, it just searched for tickets and at 8:50am, it  kicked me out and I had to try again but by then, it was too late and tickets sold out. The kids were distraught and I wasn’t too happy either. Now I would normally say – oh well and move on. I never wanted to be someone who would pay stupid amounts of money for a ticket, but I am going to blame temporary insanity and not wanting to see my childrens sad faces. But whatever it was, I paid a silly amount of money for tickets, not hugely silly, I am not stupid but still more than a normal amount. Me and the kids are ridiculously happy so it was totally worth it. I am still claiming temporary insanity as I still keep looking at the Sunday night and considering buying tickets for the second night too. Although Mr BC has put his foot down and said no. I am working on it.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, BTS is a Kpop band from South Korea, they are obviously massive in Asia, but over the last few years they are getting bigger over here in the UK and the US. When I say I like them, I do still get a lot of eye rolls and funny looks, but mostly I have amazing friends and family who (at least I hope) like my quirkiness and love my random little moments, and l or me regardless. So everyone is being quite supportive of my newfound love for a boy and. I never really did boy bands growing up so I think I’m a little late in the game but you’re never too old to appreciate good music, amazing dancing and well, they aren’t bad on the eyes either. Yes, they sing most of the songs in Korean, but music transcends language a little bit, they sing beautifully and I actually really enjoy the rapping. But for me, the choreography of the dancing is the main draw, they have flawless routines and look amazing doing it. I’ve always loved to dance around my living room and I love to see amazing dancers. My children are also big fans of dancing and singing, so it’s something we can watch/listen to and enjoy together. I know they won’t always have the same taste as me and I know we won’t always like the same things, but I hope we will always have some things in common and I’m glad at the minute we can see things together.

It’s always worth checking new things out, I know you kpop is everyone’s cup of tea, but I didn’t know it was mine either. I think we should all try something new, or open ourselves up to trying new things once in a while, it makes life a bit more exciting. Even if you think it might be weird, celebrate your weirdness, show the world, or if you’re not ready for that, show your family and friends. My family and friends are so supportive of me and my weird ways, they accept me for who I am, love me and encourage me. And I couldn’t ask for anything more. I think we should all show our weird and talk about things we love more, share our joys and passions, even if it is a bit on the strange or unusual side. Most people will admire you for it, and you may even discover you have something in common and broaden their world. So if you fancy checking them out, google BTS ampanaman for a funny lively show, no more dream for a very hip hop young BTS, or a number of their other songs. (Fake love, Idol, spring day, magic shop…)

So February drew to a close in the most exciting and exhilarating way, and over the next few months we have some amazing things planned and all the while we are counting down to our first concert as a family to see BTS at Wembley. As Mr BC being the superhero that he is, is coming along with us. Even though he doesn’t really like the songs, he is the best dad and husband ever to accompany us.

 So once again, my apologies for once agin falling behind on writing. It is one of my biggest passions, behind reading and I love this blog. But the main reason I started it was to write about my life, my joys and my children and share this with the world because I’m happy and excited by this prospect. But sometimes I get so excited by life, I forget to write about it for weeks at a time, and I am ok with this. I don’t ever want to get so caught up in writing about life I forget to live it, it will mean my blog may sometimes be on delay and I’ll probably never be a huge success at blog writing, but I am sharing what I want to share and living my best life and I am ok with that. I hope you enjoy my weird and wacky way of sharing with you and continue to read my blog.

I may be a bit on the weird side and I may find joy in lots of wonderfully wacky ways, but I hope I can connect with all of you who are also weirdly wacky. I love to to meet like minded people and indulge in the uniqueness of all of us. I hope you enjoyed my February catch up.



** BTS Images Courtesy of Twitter @bts_bighit.

Onwards and upwards and all that Jazz!

I am not usually one for all of that New Year, New Start business, not because I don’t believe it’s good thing but because if I start something as a fad or because it’s the thing to do, I don’t generally have the willpower to follow it through! 😂

But when it comes to writing for my blog, it is a New Year, and is the perfect time to do a bit of writing. I took a break towards the end of the year, to try to get my life sorted, rest, have fun with my family and friends and just relax and bathe in the festivities of Christmas.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I have been sharing some photos of our festive season, which I hope you have enjoyed but I haven’t found the time to do much writing, but in the New Year haze, it finally dawned on, I don’t think I’ll ever get my life ‘in order’ or sorted, as I quite like the semi-organised, chaotic version of my life. I love crazy, sporadic adventures, we will never be a really organised, on time family. It’s not how we are wired and I am ok with this. Yes, sometimes our life is crazy, and it’s tiring and frustrating but mostly it’s fun!

I love sharing on this blog. I like that I can share all of our exploits, I enjoy sharing my concerns and worries, and knowing that someone else out there is probably feeling the same and hopefully won’t feel alone anymore, I love that I get to share my loves and passions. Having a social outlet is amazing, and I hope to keep growing my blog in the coming year.

Mostly I look forward to connecting with you, my followers more over the next year. As much as I like to write, I love to communicate, I love nothing more than connecting with people, hearing stories and travelling the world without leaving my room. (I mean l love to actually travel too! 😂 but you get me). So please comment, message me, follow me on my other accounts, but please get in touch!

Just in case you missed it, here is a quick photo catch up of my ChristmaS.

All adventures must come to an end…

You maybe wondering why I didn’t end my Italian travelling blog series with “Our own little Roman Holiday – part five”, well the end of our holiday was a nightmare, and when I look back at our holiday I really, really want to remember all the amazing, good bits with excitement and glee. And our last day in Rome, the getting home part was utter chaos and leaves an awful taste in my mouth, so I don’t really want it linking to my beautiful holiday memories. But I also didn’t want to not include it, as its important to finish our story, even the bad parts. I apologise for the lack of photos – we didn’t take more joy from hanging around an airport. To break up my story of woe, please find some random photos of my beautiful family. 😀

We got all our bags packed the night before, and so all we had to do was say good bye to our apartment, the restaurant and the colosseum as we walked to the metro to return the train station. Where we would get on our transfer to the airport. All of this went smoothly, it was once we arrived at the airport it all started to go terribly wrong.

On all our documentation it advised to arrive 3 hours early, so we arrived slightly before this as we wanted to make sure we got here on time, and I wasn’t sure about the bus transfer or journey time. We couldn’t check our luggage until it was three hours before flight check in, so we waited.

monkey monkeying around
monkey monkeying around at the local country park

As we waited for this time, a sudden notice in Italian flashed on a nearby screen, and then a time appeared next to our flight. Our flight should have been at 2pm so we should have been able to check our bags at 11:30am. The sign appeared was ritardato 20:30ore, I thought that surely can’t mean that, and sent Mr BC to check it out.

Apparently it was true, we had been at the airport since 10:30 and we were now being told that the flight was delayed for 6 hours from our original take off, and 9 hours from now. What were we supposed to do with two young children in an airport for 9 hours, not the least with a very scared adult who was awfully frightened of flying. I didn’t think I could hang around an airport for that long, there was a chance, I wouldn’t ever get on the plane.

I decided we were driving across country to get home instead, and know this seems extreme and I know in my head it was ridiculous, but a fear is irrational, no one can control it or often explain it, and I definitely have a fear of flying. Getting to Rome, I had a mild panic attack and cried the whole way there, so its really hard to hear when people say “oh, you’ll be fine”, or “you’re safer in a plane than car!”. I often want to say to these people, “oh well, there we go, now you’ve said that, I’m over it! If only I knew it was that easy!” Yes, I know these facts, in fact I could probably give you more facts abut safe flying than anyone, I tell myself them all the time, but I cannot rationalise when I about to board a flight, or hang around an airport with my fear building all around. Which is why, it makes it even harder to hear it from my own husband, I know he was upset by the flight delay too, but as he is not scared of pretty much anything, he isn’t always the most empathic or compassionate of people and as it was a frantic and hectic time, I really needed reassurance and a little understanding. So there we were, delayed flight, arguing, upset, angry and tired. But we thought, as our flight should have been at 2pm, at least we can check in and go to the departure lounge and be a bit more comfy. You’d think so right? You would think the airline and airport would have thought the poor people who are going to have to hang around for at least 9 hours can come through to use the shops, restaurants and slightly more comfortable seating? You, like us, would of course be wrong. As they had officially told us the plane was not taking off until 20:30, we couldn’t check in until 4:30pm.

Poppet looking fab as always
Poppet looking fab as always – what filter??!!

So we had to wait for 5 hours in the baggage check part of the smallest airport in Rome, it was uncomfortable, boring for the kids and I was still in agony. Also, we didn’t actually know any of this information, we got all this later. For now, all we had been told was we couldn’t check in, had no idea why the flight was delayed and we had no communication from anyone.

We decided to stay, although as I was still unhappy and scared, for a while we stayed in frosty silence. Mr BC is a great man and a wonderful husband though and apologised and all was well with the world, except we were still stuck in Rome Ciampino and our flight was still delayed, possibly cancelled for all we knew. The children were incredible though, I bought us a pack of cards and some colouring books. This entertained them for as long as it could. We had a tiny bit of ,well not excitement but something as we all had to move as some luggage had been left unattended, fortunately it was nothing and we resigned ourselves to the floor again.

Finally, after we had been at the airport for 5 and a half hours, we were allowed to check in, go through security and go to the departure lounge. We spent some money in duty free, we were given a free bottle of water and sandwich, which was the least they could give us at this point. And then we just had more waiting to do, the only difference was the floor we sat on. As it was so busy, with a few more flights delayed, there was no seating available, so we were still uncomfortable but we made the best of it and enjoyed some Italian sweets and biscuits.

Poppets Unicorn Marshmallow
Poppets Unicorn Marshmallow – just woke up from a snooze. The only photo from the airport.

Mamma BC seemed to attract the bugs in Italy and had been a bitten a few times, we had bought a insect bite one and cream but the spots were getting redder. I had to take her to airport first aid, and it turns out, some had gotten infected, but the paramedics and doctors were amazing and got her treated and on the way back to, well the floor we were still sitting on.

Finally after hours and hours of sitting on an airport floor, we made our way into the gate, where you guessed it, we had to wait some more. We still weren’t 100% sure the flight would even be taking off tonight, we had no idea why it was even delayed and there was rumours flying everywhere. Finally, we got news that our flight wherever it was, was not going to happen but they had found another plane from somewhere who would return us home this evening. We had to be bussed out to this plane, which the children loved. My fear was building but I had done some research before the holiday into relaxation techniques so I was willing to give that a go, if I could get on the plane.

Finally, we could see the plane, 12 hours and 10 minutes at the airport and we eventually took off. The flight itself was fine, nothing major happened, I even managed to keep my panic slightly at bay. I had my music on my headphones on full blast, I was writing my name, son and daughters name, music lyrics with my left hand the entire flight. I still didn’t relish when anyone moved or turbulence or the fact I was even on a plane but we made it home in once piece, and now we just had to find our luggage, get to our car, which had probably gone over into another day, which I would get charged for, and finally make the long drive home. I think this was the worst part of the day, our original flight should have gotten us to England at a reasonable time, so we could drive home. I could have a bath and go to bed ready for work the next day. The reality was we didn’t leave the airport until gone 1:30pm, so our 4 hour drive home took us to early hours of the morning, and even though I wasn’t driving, I couldn’t go to sleep as it wasn’t fair on MR BC, he was just as tired.

However, we finally made it home and fell into bed. Those first few days at home, I found it hard to remember the beauty of Italy and all our exciting adventures because all I thought about was our nightmare flight home,  but now thankfully, I am over the disastrous last day, I probably won’t eve fly again, but now all I try to remember is the fun, exciting and memorable moments we had.

As for our flight, if by any small (I mean minute, almost none existent) chance I ever fly again, it will not be with Ryanair. The flight out was awful but nothing compared to our flight back. The lack of communication, organisation, poor understanding of customers and just general awful customer service will ensure we will never fly with them again.


We enjoyed our holiday so much, it spilled into our six week holiday activities. We made our own cacti terrariums with mini statues of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and St Peters Basilica. I also received my postcard I sent to myself from The Vatican! Ticked that off my list of things I want to do.

Anyway, I would hate to end our Italian adventure on a sore note, so instead I am going to share with you, one more final word on our first proper kaleidoscope adventure. If I could write a love letter to a country, I think Italy would be up there at the top. Everything from food to the art/architecture and the glorious landscapes, it is a truly beautiful country, and I cannot wait to return. Hopefully, on a tour of the wonderful country in our new camper van!!! Keep reading to find our more!

Our own little Roman Holiday – part three

Hello and welcome back to part three of our Roman Holiday! I wanted to put todays post with my last one, but day three turned out to be quite full of excitement all of its own and day four, well I knew day four was also going to be exciting! So without ado:

Day four – Friday (and a very special trip that poppet was so excited for!)

We headed out early to pick up our rental car! I know driving in Rome! How brave are we, when I say I mean Mr BC. I “forgot” (read:left) my license in the apartment! Mr BC had no problem and fit with Italian drivers like a duck to water, not surprisingly, Mr BC can drive amazingly well everywhere we go! Show off!!!

After a bit of a wait getting the car sorted, we were off on our Italian adventure. Driving through the glorious landscape of Tuscany, and it was glorious! I still don’t think our Italian craving has been satisfied, we may be back again in the future!

We happily drove for a few hours and finally we got to behold the wonderful spectacle that is in the heart of Pisa: of course, the Leaning Tower. Poppet was so excited, she looked like she might burst.

So excited!
So excited to be seeing the Leaning Tower of Pizza! (“Mummy I know its Pisa, but I am going to say Pizza, because you know, we’re in Italy!”) Love her!

Pisa Shot
The “stand in front of the view and smile guys” photo!

Cool Monkey
I wish I was as cool as my son!!

Poppets big adventure
Poppets Big Pisa adventure

Its definitely leaning!



The Leaning Tower of Pisa
So many people said its not worth the trip! I disagree! We loved it! The Leaning Tower is worth a look!

Poppet posing
She normally loves a good photo but she was so excited to be here, she hardly every look at the camera! Eyes full of wonder at Pisa!

Pisa posing
It had to be done! We had to get this shot!

No one is as cool as Poppet on a photo!
No one is as cool as Poppet on a photo!

Im as tall as the tower!

Butterfly flying free in Pisa! I loved it!

Finally, she’s seen what she came for, so i can get a beautiful shot! Beautiful!

Once we had our fill of Pisa and some food, we headed off back to Rome! We had planned on going to the Pinnochio Theme park, but getting our car took a while so we had a delayed start and then we enjoyed Pisa so much we stayed for much longer than I thought we would, we didn’t have time. So instead we took a slow drive back to Rome – along the coastal road! It was worth the detour and slightly longer drive!


Day 5 – Saturday

We still had the car today, so we headed off into Italy. Originally we were supposed to be going to find the nearest beach, after all our walking, museums and soaking up of the culture. We thought a nice day at the beach is what we needed. As you all know i love to read, and probably have one too many books about Italy. Within this beautiful book, I found a lake resort near Rome that looked beautiful and so I talked everyone in trying this lake instead of the beach! And it was worth it on so many levels. So on Saturday, we headed off to Lake Bracciano. A hidden, beautiful part of Italy about an hour (30 odd miles – Mr BC is telling me!) from Rome. To say it was the peal of summer, I think it still a relatively hidden gem of Italy, as it wasn’t too busy! In fact it was perfect!

This evening, we thought we would try a new restaurant! We really, really wished we hadn’t bothered! I didn’t enjoy the food, the kids didn’t really either. Mr BC and Mamma Butterfly didn’t mind it. But we did all agree on one thing! The price was ridiculous! For the same sort of food we payed double we had done every or other night, and the food wasn’t better! But never mind, it was still a wonderful day and me and the kids enjoyed a bit of Italian Snap chat – same as English just in Italy! Haha!

Pulling faces
Pulling faces waiting for food

Back with the littlies!
Back with the littlies! Trying out a new restaurant! (Wish we hadn’t bothered! Didn’t enjoy it and cost us a small fortune! ☹️)

Pulling faces waiting for food

And heres some hilarious videos of Poppet as you have never seen her! Oh how we love a good snapchat!


I hope you are enjoying seeing some of our special memories from out Holiday. We only have a few more days to go, but they are still filled lots of fun and happy memories for us. Stay tuned for more!


Our own little Roman Holiday

Buonasera! Good Evening!

It has been a few weeks coming but with us taking our holiday earlier in the summer holidays; the kids being off; me being back at work and putting in extra hours so I could take a couple more days off at the end of the holidays, I just haven’t found much time to write as I would have liked too. I love writing my blog, and I love that is has inspired me to do so much more wonderful things with my family and children. I am learning everyday to try to say yes more to things, as I really meant when I said I wanted more kaleidoscope adventures. The downside to this living life, is not having as much time to write up about it afterwards. But I am not giving up, I just need to take some time for myself and hope you will forgive me if sometimes my posts are delayed. And finally you can enjoy seeing some of our wonderful captured moments from our holiday to Rome.

roman forum.jpg
Our apartment was a stones throw from the colosseo and the roman forum

I don’t think I will ever give up writing my blog, I know I don’t have huge followers but I am ok with this, as I enjoy writing for myself, and as I say it has inspired me to want to do more, live more and enjoy myself more. I love that I possibly am sharing my adventures, thoughts and ideas with others though, and hopefully inspiring you all to go out and find adventures of your own.

31st July – 7th August 2018 – Rome, Italy (with a trip to Pisa for Poppet)

Mamma Butterfly and myself went to Rome back in 2008 and fell in love with Italy! We have wanted to return but having two small children, a city break especially one with so much culture, art, architecture and academia as Rome, we thought it may not be the most appropriate family holiday for us yet. I did not bank on having two especially amazing children though! Who take after me so much, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. They, of course, do love a good play on the beach, or swim in a pool and playing with toys like every other child. But, they also love looking around old houses, discovering castles, and hearing all the stories that come with these unique places. They both love to learn and love exploring. So over a year ago when Monkey started learning about the seven wonders of the world, he started to discover that travelling abroad might be fun and he heard about the Coloseum in Rome, and for the next year he asked when we could go. I like every other parent, thought long and hard, would there be enough to keep them entertained, would this really be on the top of his holiday list a year from now?! I did some research, we talked about Rome with the kids and what it would have to offer them and when some months later, they both still liked the idea of it, we went ahead and booked it. In the mean time, my very smart, very techie savvy children googled Italy and Poppet decided as we was in Italy, we also needed to visit Pisa, as she was desperate to see the leaning tower.

The countdown began.

And now looking back all my worries and woes, were for nothing, The children were amazing, we had a beautiful, engaging, exciting holiday full of adventure, stories, history and fun.

I get a little snap happy and took lots of photos so I am probably going to have a run  of blog post about our trip:here is part one of our Roman Holiday! Enjoy!

Day 1 – Our arrival did not go as seamlessly as planned. Even though we read some terrible reviews about Ryanair, we hoped they were inaccurate. They weren’t! Terrible delays, no communication and they almost lost our baggage but finally hours later than planned we arrived and we were all thankfully still really happy!

I of course, being scared to fly did not enjoy myself. I am not just a little scared, I guess i have to face that I am irrationally scared to fly. I know its irrational, I can tell myself all the facts about flying but I am so scared, I suffered from a tiny panic attack. Being me, I try not to show it as I don’t want my fear passing to the kids but I could not help it on this flight. I cried the entire time, I didn’t like to be left so if  poppet or monkey needed the toilet, Mr BC had to take them and Mamma Butterfly had to come next to me and hold my hand. It was silent tears and if the kids talked to me I took a deep breath and pretended, but they knew. Thankfully it didn’t bother them, but I didn’t enjoy it and I was tense the whole flight. I know my fear is a bit ridiculous as we landed safe and it was fine, but I can’t tell my brain or heart that enough for it to understand.

Anyway, we arrived and it was as beautiful as I remember and our apartment from Airbnb was awesome and was amazingly located. We walked out our door to a restaurant (which we would discover was amazing!!!) and a short walk down a street and right there, two minutes from our apartment was a beautiful sight we had all come to see.

Even better view on our first night! Colosseo was on our doorstep.

We went for a walk to see the colosseum at night and it was a truly beautiful and mesmerising start to our holiday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We finished off with our first of many visits to the restaurant across form our apartment: Iari The Vino. The food is amazing, the prices are reasonable and the food is worth it and best of all the staff are incredible. Taking children out for food can be a bit tricky but the staff at Iari are wonderful.

Day two – Colosseo and Roman Forum

Monkey was excited to go to the Colosseum although I think he thought there might still be gladiators there, once he realised this, thankfully he was still ok! He loved to hear some stories about gladiators, and fighting animals and Christians! (That was a tricky subject!) It was so hot though, that we had to return the apartment for a  bit to cool down. But they both still had an amazing day!

We ended the day over at Iari the Vino again! The food was still as
yummy! Monkey got some toys from the colosseum, which I had a play
with whilst they went off for an evening walk with Mr BC!

I hope you are enjoying our holiday adventures! Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

Ciao for now! Arrivederci and Buona Notte! Goodbye and Good Night!