Ideas for future fun

Whilst in lockdown, we started to think of ideas of where we want to visit when lockdown is over. We love to travel and go on exciting adventures as a family. So check out our ideas below of places we want to visit below.

Endo wall in Cardiff

I would love street art, so I would really like to take the kids and the camper van and maybe do a little camping holidays checking out stree art. I would love to visit the Endo wall in Cardiff, it was a couple of years ago now, so I don’t know if it still there but as I suffer from endo I would love to go get a photo in front of the wall. The owner of the house is also a suffer and she painted the wall yellow and decorated it with endo related art to raise awareness and I think it looks amazing.

Obviously high up in our agenda is a trip to London, it really is like our second home and we still have so many places to explore. First stop, National History Museum and The National Gallery and Tate Modern. We also want to picnic in Green Park and stay at our favourite hotel in Wembley.

I want to go on a river cruise on the Thames as I missed out last time.

For a family holiday in the camper, I’d quite like to head up to the highlands of Scotland and show the kids places I visited as a child. Scotland is a beautiful place and I really want the kids to see and enjoy it as I did growing up. We would visit every year and these were some of my favourite family holidays.

I also plan on tackling my fear of flying head on. My best friend is gonna take me across to Ireland for a short plane trip as she is my comfort blanket and makes me feel at ease when I am scared. Which I know sounds daft but I just have so much more confidence and I feel braver with her, and once I know I can do something with her, then I feel better attempting it on my own. I know it might not be that easy with a panic attack inducing, phobia but I am willing to try anything. Speaking off, my other friends son has also offered to take me up in his small plane to see if this will help, and I am going to be brave and have a go.

Monkey wants to go exploring in the wild some more and find some hidden places to climb trees and build dens, and we love a good walk and outside play. Poppet would like to go to some adventure parks and petting zoos as she is a bit more adventurous and wants to ride a horse again.

We would like to experience a bit more of Europe and although it won’t be any time soon, we are also discussing where we could go for -our next trip abroad. I would like to visit a Seoul with my friends when they go, but I really need to work on my fear before that will be possible.

So far, that is all we have discussed but we cannot wait to start getting out and about soon. Although it won’t be for a little while for us still just yet. Although, England is opening up a little bit, my mum is of the older variety and we wouldn’t want to bring anything back to make her poorly. So for now, we are still limiting ourselves to walks with the dogs and going to shops only when necessary still. I am working from home and the kids are still homeschooling. We know we could go out but we just want to see how things are working out as lockdown is lifted before we start thinking of our next adventure. And for now, we are enjoying bring the adventures to us.

What have you guys been up to during lockdown? Have you found exciting ways to keep you entertained? What will be the first adventure you all go on?

Bye for now, Butterfly Child 🌞💜

Legoland August 2019

Mr BC works away from home a fair amount, so as a treat before he disappeared again he treated us to a trip and overnight stay to Legoland. On the whole it was an amazing weekend, but I have a few, just a little moan and I want to get it out first, so it doesn’t ruin my whole post. 😂

I know it is a tourist attraction, a park that needs maintenance and upkeep and all of those things, but seriously the amount of money they expect you to spend is seriously crazy. And yes, I know we didn’t have to, but have you ever been. Its so easy to spend a ridiculous amount of money and not even realise and that’s before you get to the BIG shop.

We went in the middle of the summer, so it was busy and hot. We paid for the queue jumping facility but this didn’t even cover all the rides, you had to pay extra for the most special and amazing rides, and even with this, we still spent a good 4 hours queueing, thankfully we stayed in a hotel and got the second day free so we got plenty of time in the park. Drinks, food and snacks all day are not cheap either and next time, I am definitely taking a picnic.

So that’s my moan, the tickets are not cheap as it is and with everything else you end up spending too, its not a cheap weekend but all said and done, we love Lego and we adore Legoland so we will undoubtably go again and do it all again, including spending lots of money.

I feel better getting that off my chest, on to the good bits; literally everything else! I LOVE LEGOLAND!!! ❤️


I could spend days just wandering around looking it all and taking it in and still want to go back for more.  It wasn’t the best start as it rained the whole drive there but thankfully it stopped as we arrived. And of course our adventure started sooner as a trip across country is not the same without a stop at Fleet Services, its a given.


The kids were very excited to both finally be all enough to go on most rides, but even without that, they like me both just love Lego. The intricate and amazing builds they make are just wonderful to walk around and look at. We make up little stories as were going around about all the little lego men, It really is an amazing day out and if your family love Lego – its definitely worth a visit.

Take a look at our pictures from our weekend below:


Poppet had her first experience of 4D cinema as well, and I think I captured the moment perfectly and it might be my favourite of her ever! She always looks beautiful and it feels like she senses the camera coming and is always ready but not on this day. 😂😂😂


More of our weekend to come:


We were most exciting to visit the Ninjago ride, the spooky castle and Poppet was desperate to go on the boat ride. Monkey not so much as he’s not a fan of water but he was a trooper and did alright. He’s possibly not as brave as Poppet and he doesn’t face his fears in quite the same way but he still did amazing.

The best part for me (the kids really enjoyed the rides this year) is always mini land. I love seeing all the little details and intricacies. I am a huge fan of London (i know shocking right – if you don’t know this – then you need to go back and read some more of my posts! 😀) So I love seeing the mini version of London, but of course, there is so much of the world I haven’t seen and seeing all the min version really makes me want to travel to see it for real. I just need to get over this damn fear of flying.

As I mentioned Poppet is really brave but she is really scared of heights but does she let that stop her. Does it hell?? She is not only brave but when she is scared, she does not let it stop her, she faces her fears ( and yes she screamed almost the whole time but still) she conquers it all the time. Super proud of her!

That was the whole weekend! We stayed in a wonderful Holiday Inn, the place was beautiful, it had a swimming pool and beautiful rooms and the staff were friendly and amazing with the kids. Overall the weekend was fabulous and I can’t wait for our next adventure.


See you soon, The Butterfly Family x

Tina xx

*Book Review* The Summer of Chasing Dreams

The Summer of Chasing Dreams by Holly Martin

Once I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it down and I finished it in one night. Within a couple of hours; which is impressive, even for me. It is a truly uplifting, romantic and beautiful read and so inspiring. Reading at home in bed, my first thought was how much I wanted to get up the next day and start exploring the world.

Everything about this book, from the beautifully written landscapes and adventures, to the amazing characters is wonderfully well written and makes me crave for an adventure of my own.

As you all know, I am a sucker for falling in love with a character. And yes I think everyone will fall in love with Thor a little bit, but for me, it’s all about falling in love with Eva and seeing the world through her eyes.

Holly Martin has done it again, I think the idea of an around the world trip appeals to anyone. Seeing the world and trying all these exciting things, well it’s exciting and amazing – especially for someone like me who is scared of flying, the dream and the reality are two very different things. I loved this book as it was a great read but on a personal level, I love reading books where I get to discover the world and see more of it, as I may not get to discover the real thing. Holly writes each new place beautifully, and certainly makes me want to travel to all these places, but as with her heroine Eva, seeing the world through Holly’s eyes is just as wonderful.

Not only does she write about some of the most beautiful and wonderful places, but she also has this romance blossoming all the way through it. Now you all know I am not one for spoilers, so I won’t be going into much detail. Eva is a young woman, who lost her mum and is trying to navigate life without her. She and her mum were polar opposites by all accounts, unlike her mum Eva never had any desire to travel. But upon discovering her mums lists of dreams she wished for as a teenager, Eva decides to set off on a once in a lifetime trip around the world with a dedicated travel guide, to keep her company. After some initial upset, enter godlike beauty Thor form stage left and undoubtedly, romance, drama or all of the above will ensue. If like me you like a good chick lit romance, you might think you know what will happen. But let me tell you now, as much as this story does have some of the usual traits of a romance novel, it is also something quite special.

I don’t think it follows the usual trope of a romance story. I think Eva is a very real character, and she moves the story along beautifully, she is brave and bold when she needs to be, with a slight naivety about her that is endearing. And as with most stories when the ‘plot thickens’, and you expect the drama to ensue, the nervous and slightly scared character we meet at the beginning of the story has grown and evolved, it’s not unrealistically and although there is slight drama, our Eva doesn’t back down or get scared and so inevitably, she becomes the heroine of her own story and I think I fell a bit in love with her.

I wish I could be as brave at conquering my fears, and maybe then I could see some of this glorious world, that Holly Martin so beautifully describes.

As with everything, I like to hope that I don’t look at everything with rose tinted spectacles, so was there anything I didn’t enjoy or like. Well, it ended far too soon. It left me wanting more ( 😊😍obviously this isn’t really a criticism.) I love and hate when a story leaves me wanting more, I love it because it means I enjoyed the story and I fell for the characters, so I really want to know more, but I am sad, as most of the time, there is no follow up. But I have a good imagination, I can imagine their future into existence in my mind.

I did have one wish whilst reading this story. I really would have liked to hear more from Laurel, I know she isn’t supposed to be as exciting as Eva’s mum, but I liked her relationship with Eva, it would have been nice to hear more of it. Possibly, hearing more from other characters too, I know it is Eva and Thor’s story, but you know me, I love good characters, so I love hearing all the stories of background characters. I especially like Thor’s parents, and I think I would have liked to hear more from Thomas too.

But as far as the story goes, I really, really enjoyed it. I think anything about exploring the world, seeing beautiful places and having fun adventures would appeal to me, but having the romance, friendship, family, love and slight drama thrown in, really sold it for me.

Holly Martin is one of my favourite authors, with her quirky humour, cute and romantic storylines and steamy, sexy scenes, she never fails to cheers me up every time I pick up one of her books. She did a wonderful job in making me fall in love with all of these extraordinary and unique places in her own unique way. I have always wanted to see the world and reading this story, has made me want it even more, never in my life have I wanted to see Hanami (Cherry blossom festival) in Japan as much as I did after finishing this book. She also created characters that I wanted to have happy endings, she made me fall in love with these people too. I love reading about a character and feeling like I’ve found a friend.

Overall, this is a sweet romance story enclosed in a beautiful travel adventure, that ticks so many boxes, how could it not be a wonderful read? The characters are adorable and you will undoubtably fall in love with at least one character. The scenery and places Eva discovers are described amazingly, and they are a wonderful back drop to a very cute, and refreshing love story.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (5/5 stars) I would definitely recommend this for anyone who loves Holly Martin already, anyone who craves adventure or romance or someone looking for something exciting or inspiring. It definitely inspired me to want to seek out more adventures.

Kaleidoscope Adventures

Do you know what the collective name for a bunch of butterflies is?

Have you ever used one of these? Do you know what one is?

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 16.47.49

When you look in it, it looks a bit like this:

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 16.49.26

…and if you twist and turn the end, it shows lots of different colours and patterns and it constantly changes. It is both magical and beautiful!

I am getting to a point I promise. You are probably wondering what this has in common with a bunch of butterflies and how is it relevant to me and my blog.

Well, the cute little child toy that shows lots of colours and shapes is called a Kaleidoscope and a collective of butterflies: also a Kaleidoscope. I love this! I feel like my life is sometimes like looking into a kaleidoscope, you’re not sure what is going to happen, or how exciting the day might be. The beauty of a kaleidoscope is in its simplicity. Its pretty, colourful and with every twist and turn you can see something different in the colours. As a self confessed Butterfly Child, I try to live my life the same way, I always try to have a good time, see the beauty in everything and spread happiness everywhere I go! And as I am raising a couple of butterfly children too, that kind of makes us our own little Kaleidoscope too!

I am going to share with you now, something that has been on my mind for a while. Mr BC and I always talk about our life and our dreams. Generally we don’t have a plan, we are both kind of “lets just live in the moment and decide at 11am we should head out for the day!” kind of people. 😂 But we have had a rough couple of months, not rough compared to others, we appreciate we are quite lucky, but still we’ve had a sad, emotional and sometimes painful few months.


Starting with our family plans, we had always planned on having a third child and with that in mind we hadn’t really thought of anything else. However, after a few years with nothing, we decided to try to be happy and enjoy the two beautiful children we already have.  As it turns out, with my health issues from the end of last year, this could have been contributing to why we had found it difficult, and although I am sad at the thought of not having another, I know how lucky I am to have the two I have, and I want to be healthy and be able to do things with them, and enjoy life now! So, I am awaiting hospital appointments for surgery and I am trying to find ways to make my pain easier to deal with.

Mr BC and I are always chatting about what we would like in life, what our dreams are or things we want to experience but we have never made it a thing! I guess we never officially said  “x,y and z is what we want from life.” We had some sad news recently too, Mr BC’s father passed away, and it has been a sad and hard time, made harder because he passed away abroad which came with its own challenges. But the one thing I cannot shake is that we are all really sad he is gone but he was living life right up until the end! He was away with his partner, travelling, trying new things and experiencing life to the full and that is incredible.

I started my blog, to give me some ‘me time’ and to share our adventures but it wasn’t until I started thinking more about butterflies, also seeing our very first sunset as a family and our recent sad news made me realise, I wanted to make a sort of list (not a bucket list as I hate that term ) but I wanted it (our adventures) to have a name, a purpose – a list we can all add our dreams and wishes on. I want to do more travelling, I want to take the children to lots of places and see more of the world, (this in itself is a huge challenge for me, as I am scared of flying but I will tell you all about that another time.) I also want to have more fun, try new things and just enjoy life with/without the children. I want to say YES, more than I do! I want to experience as if I am a big child (which basically I am) but with that feeling of excitement you get as a child!


To help this dream and to give myself some me time, I decided I wanted to get a job, a real job where I can settle (which luckily I have found an incredible place to work, with some amazing people and a wonderful manager – I will talk more about this later) and to earn some well deserved pennies, so we can have all of these adventures. An adventure can just be at home, doing something, trying something you never have before or having fun at home! You have already witnessed some of our new adventures (sleepover with Dippy for one) but I hadn’t put a name to it before, but here you go, our plan for the future is to live life like the Butterfly Children we are, by having as many Kaleidoscope Adventures as we can. And I am hoping you will stick with me to follow our adventures and maybe join our little Kaleidoscope and have some adventures of your own.




Easter Holidays Part Two

So Mr BC took the kids out in a convertible, let them get sand all over my carpet and taught poppet to ride her bike! Could I top that? Did I want to? Was this a competition? HAHA! It was actually really nice as Mr BC was still off work for the second week too, so we got to spend the whole week as a family and that rarely happens so it was amazing!

We kicked off the holidays with a trip to Maplins as they had a sale on and monkey loves science so I thought it’d be cool to get some bits to build circuits. We found this incredible 100 and something circuit board for building all sorts of circuits and it is incredible. It will be along time before they have mastered how to build complicated circuits on there own, but they managed to get a light to turn on. We then headed over to Weymouth for a Dinosaur activity day. It wasn’t great but it was nice to get out the house and the kids behaved beautifully, so who can ask for more.

Mr BC treated us to some circuit experiment activities!

We met a dinosaur at Weymouth!

Poppet and Monkey actually sitting together nicely!

working together in the same book, i love how similar but very different they are. Luna is writing a story and Louen is drawing a story.

Fishing together too! we had a happy brother and sister day today

Next up for our week of Easter fun, I had planned ahead and got some Easter Crafts to do. Including some scratch art, mosaic making and jumping sheep. I think our work turned out beautifully. What do you think? Did you do any nice crafts over Easter?

Mr BC decided he would quite like a quieter day and we wanted to go out so off we went on an adventure with Mamma to a national trust spot we haven’t been to yet. As you probably all know I am an avid reader, I like stories, poems, pretty much anything.  But I love looking around houses, gardens and monuments, so out those two things together and I am going to love it. So Samuel Coleridges Cottage was right up my street, my children do also like to look around most houses/castles/garden, hence why we are national trust members, but could I sell a little cottage to them. Why yes, yes I could! Have you ever wanted to have a go at writing with a quill? My two have, and this is one of the activities at Coleridge Cottage.

We all loved it at this little cottage and spend the better part of 4 hours there! It was incredible, we did a spring tale, learned some poems, had a wander round the garden, Mamma and me got to enjoy a cream tea and both kids really enjoyed using a quill. I have a quill at home but I had to give it go, and Mamma couldn’t wait to give it a go! If you ever need a rainy day activity in Somerset I highly recommend it! It was incredible! We all had a wonderful afternoon and will definitely be returning.

Dress up!

My Quill Skills!

Quill Skills



Pretty Flowers


We also stopped off at Cerne Abbas to see the Giant Man! We did some gardening and spent lots of time playing as a family. It was wonderful, and I am really glad we got the chance to take the time off together. Its easy to get caught up in work, life and the stress of it all sometimes, and both Mr BC and myself work really hard, and we often have different times off to cover holidays etc, so when we get time all together it is extra special and this is my new promise to myself. With everything that has happened lately, and with life not always turning out as you hoped, I just have to remember to be thankful for what I’ve got and to work with what I’ve got. So we are going to have more holidays off and we are planning our first proper family holiday together as we speak! Exciting times ahead!