London Adventure

Over the weekend (Back in June- my uploads might not be working🤦‍♀️) the kids, Mr BC and I went to Wembley to see BTS in concert and wow it was incredible!

I have a new blog all about my new found love for Kpop and BTS over at if you want to read more about this! I will share some photos here but they aren’t the best quality as my phone was having a right moment!

Going to London with my amazing family to see BTS in concert is absolutely in my top amazing memories now!

The kids had an awesome time! We saw a Hamleys bear and we got to the BT21 pop up store which I definitely think was a highlight for them! BT21 are like friends created by the BTS members and the kids love them!

The kids were most excited about their army bombs as they both worked so hard to get the money for one by improving their writing at school and helping with chores!

There first look at Wembley was also quite impressive!

We all had an amazing time at the concert! We had been looking forward to it for weeks and it lived up to our expectations and more!!!

The show is relatively family friendly, some of the dance moves could be considered a bit risqué but my two are young enough to not understand and just enjoyed the singing and dancing. And on the whole they are a very family friendly group! They are pretty good role models as far as I am concerned. They are passionate, hard working, humble gentlemen. What more could you ask for? Well not only this but they are also spreading a brilliant message to love yourself and are always supporting all sorts of amazing groups and they discuss all topics even taboo subjects such as depression. And to top it all off they are all talented in singing, dancing and rapping and the show they put on is phenomenal!

Check out the trailer below to see just a snippet of their performance. It is incredible they sold out Wembley Stadium and it was totally deserving!

I was lucky to have tickets for both nights!!

So whilst I went off on a grown up adventure all of my own to the concert for the second day – the kids and Mr BC headed off into London for a London adventure!!

It’s not often the kids go off without me! It was a special weekend, it’s not often daddy gets to take them out so it was extra special to see them bonding! I did worry for a bit, not because I don’t trust Mr BC but just for the fact that it’s normally me going off with the kids and today I was getting my own adventure and they were leaving me behind. I missed them but I soon got over my anxiety when I met friends and had a cider! 😂

I can’t share much of their adventure as I wasn’t there but I do have pictures so I hope you enjoy looking through them!

I am going to ask the kids to explain what there day was like with their daddy and I will add this later!!

After a very exciting weekend we all headed home on the train which was an exciting adventure all of its own! oh we also had a quick stop at the Harry Potter shop! Poppet also loved the tubes and was living her best life posing every chance she got!

We finally made it home tired but extremely happy!!!

We would definitely do it again next year if we get chance but we will be returning to London no matter what for more adventures for sure!

Me and the kids have also not gotten BTS or kpop out of our system and we have had it on in the house and car already!!! So bring on more music, more adventures and more living and loving!!

I fell down a Pinterest hole into a wonderland of Chinese dramas and K-pop…

I am not even sure how it happens, but some days do you ever find yourself looking for one thing on pinterest and six hours later found yourself, somewhere completely different and maybe discovering something new to get into. You know, like your looking for ideas for a birthday party and before you know it, your looking at crazy cat videos or like me, you’re watching interviews with boys with names like Rap Monster and Jimin and discovering J-Hope might be the most wonderl and happy person you’ve ever seen. Or worse, finding you really love the new drama you’re watching but then Netflix recommends 8 more dramas and you just don’t have enough time.

I love and hate those times in equal measures. I love finding new things, I hate when you realise you have to be up in about 3 hours and you haven’t slept yet.

I did just that, I discovered something as I fell down a Pinterest/ YouTube rabbit hole and got a little obsessed with it. Not in a crazy stalker obsessed way, but I like what I like and when I discover a new passion, love or hobby. I go all in! Go big or go home was pretty much a saying made for me.

My latest crazy find, probably started a long time ago, but has been a slow burn. I have always loved a good comic, which as I earned more money, become a love for graphic novels and slowly moved onto Anime and Manga. Enter Studio Ghibli stage left. I was hooked, Howls Moving Castle might be one of my all time favourite films ever. I wanted to watch everything, but then as time passed and I had children and my attention shifted to everything being relating to them, I lost a bit of myself.

I think as parents we do, everything in life is suddenly all consumed with these small children ruling everything in our world. And that is brilliant, I love being a mum and I love that my children are my world but I think, and I don’t know if this is just me, but I forgot they aren’t literally my whole world, once you have children, you don’t have to swap all your favourite things for paw patrol and CBeebies. I don’t think anyone ever told me that, I think when I had children, my confidence took a bit of a hit, and I lost a bit of myself for a while. I think it happens because for a long time, babies and children need you to be all consumed by them, but eventually you need to claim back a bit of time for yourself, at least I do. I love my kids that goes without saying but I love me too. I love that I am a bit quirky, I have a geeky side, I love being mummy, but I also love being Tina. A big part of my confidence loss, was losing touch with things I like, for me. Doing things just because I love them, taking time to discover what new things I might be missing out on because I am always trying to make sure everyone else is happy. This is still hugely important to me but a happy Tina is a happy mummy. The part of me where I discovered loves for myself, is slowly returning, a lot of my time is taken up in knowing what my kids love, what they need/want. And this isn’t a bad thing at all, I love being close to my kids but it’s nice now they are older to remember that I am Me as well as mum. I am not completely back to the old me, and I wouldn’t want to be, as my children make me a better person, but I am slowly gaining my confidence back and discovering all new things, and rediscovering old passions, now I have some time to do this. Taking time for myself has been a massive learning curve for me, but it has done me a world of good. And the biggest and best part of this, is that everything I love or am crazy about, I can introduce to the kids and if they love it too, it’s just an extra thing we can have in common and love together. It gives us more things to do together. And if they don’t love it, it means I get to take some time to enjoy something on my own without feeling guilty because they wouldn’t be interested anyway. Win win!

I recently introduced them to Ghibli and thankfully for me, they love it. So I treated myself to some new Blu-rays for my birthday, so we have lots of family movie nights planned.

Onto my recent craze, I have become a fan of Asian dramas, I think it started because I watched an anime on Netflix and then it shows you related programmes and before you know it, I full on found myself watching K-Dramas and Chinese dramas and following post on Pinterest and Instagram. I think I originally just liked seeing the food, oh the food. It makes me hungry to watch and I get so inspired to try new food, which for me is huge, as I’m not a foodie by nature. I don’t plan my day around food, in fact some days I could go all day without eating, but seeing all of this yummy food really inspires me. But then I found myself falling for the stories and characters and wanting more, so now when you see my Netflix feed it has gone from 2/3 English tv and films to 90% Asian programmes,and I am not ashamed, I love them.

I imagine my friends are fed up of hearing about them but I think I must actually be quite sweet or endearing, or they just love me regardless of my little quirks, so they put up with me and my obsessive nature. It might be one of the things they all love about me, who knows, but I don’t think I am going to change anytime soon. So as well as being an introduction to my new love, this blog post is also an apology to my family and friends, I don’t think I am getting over it anytime soon, and I have also introduced the kids to some aspects of it and they love it too, so probably not going away, so I’m sorry, you might get you’re ear chewed off a little bit more.

I treated myself to an inspire me: Korea box for my birthday and I wasn’t disappointed.

So where is this little craze taken me so far? Well, not only am I loving the dramas and some of the actors (wow, pretty people) but I also am loving K-Pop. It’s been a very long time since I got excited by newer music, there have been some new bands and artists I like but for the majority, I pretty much listen to the same things I always have. Having a music and dance obsessed daughter has helped introduce me to some new music I love but k-pop is all me. I love it. I think BTS becoming huge in the last year has helped, as it has made it easier to get music and videos. Plus they are everywhere at the minute. They are very young, which makes me feel really old but I still love the music and the dancing. So much energy put into each song and the choreography is amazing. I think I’m probably a lot older than their average fan but I don’t feel old and I enjoy their music and I quite like the members. They all have unique and inspiring personalities! So I don’t think it matters I’m a little older than their usual audience!

The kids are also enjoying my k-pop moment as they quite like it too. Poppet likes to dance and sing, so she loves watching anything with a good beat and a dance she can copy. Monkey on the other hand used to love to dance and went to classes like poppet, but he quit and I think that although at home I have always tried to avoid boy/girl differences and have always said they can both do/act/play/like whatever they want, I think it can be hard once you get to school.

At home, I try my hardest to pass no judgement and let the kids do whatever they want, be whoever they want to be. So if monkey likes pink, brilliant! He wants to dance, crack on. But once he started school, and wasn’t with me 100% of the time, it didn’t matter what I said, suddenly the opinion of more than just me mattered. Sad day for me! 😞 Thankfully, he is quite a strong character and doesn’t usually let what others say bother him, but I have noticed a drop in his confidence and like I say he quit dancing. I don’t necessarily think anyone said outright dancing was for girls, but he definitely went through a stage of not wanting to do anything that would be seen as “girly’, and he has definitely been knocked back confidence wise. I am fine with this and I believe he will find himself and what he loves again, especially as he hasn’t completely lost his uniqueness, it’s jut taken a step back whilst he finds himself at school, finds his friends and discovers who He is and I know this might take years, but the best part of me discovering these new things, is that it can also be inspiring for my children. When monkey saw seven young men dancing in a band on tv and winning awards and putting together some amazing dance routines and singing, it really encouraged him and he has been watching the music videos on repeat and dancing along with them all weekend. It’s absolutely wonderful to see. So my new crazy obsession has become a bit of a family craze (not quite totally, as Mr BC is not on board, but this is my blog and the kids definitely take after me on the whole crazy personality side of things).

Monkey pulling his best K-pop pose! This is his “Jin – Worldwide handsome face”
Monkey learned how to make heart shaped with his fingers from a BTS interview, love him!

So my new quirky, love and inspiration for Asian food, dramas, music and entertainment, isn’t going anywhere. I will never again call the internet or social media as it opens up the world like nothing before. I may never get to visit any of these places as I am scared of flying but I can still follow all of these people and trends and see things that I wouldn’t have gotten to before. So my social media feeds might be covered in all things BTS, and my Pinterest boards might become a little more diverse. I collect obsessions like some people collect stamps or ornaments. I don’t lose one obsession when I gain a new one, I just keep collecting and adding to them. So my book reviews will still be continuing and my family will still go on crazy adventures, but it just might be infused with us singing along to Korean boy bands or trying out crazy dance moves in the living room.

That’s it, you’ve finally got to the end of my completely random, round up of my latest crazy obsession. Well done! Any of you dying to go google BTS or K-pop, go do it!

I’ll make it easy, here’s the official website for them. They have a huge social media presence and if pop/rapping/ a slight r n b vibe is your thing, go have a look. Even if it’s not, check out the dance moves anyway. I didn’t think it was my thing either, but I think I fell a little in love with them!

For now, don’t forget to spend a little time on you, make time for yourself, discover an old hobby of your own, or have fun finding a new craze. Trust me, I have loved discovering a new craze and Remembering what is it like to enjoy something for me!

See you soon, Butterfly Child xxx

***Book Review*** The Little Village of Happiness

The Little Village of Happiness

By Holly Martin

I don’t know how it happened but it was an absolutely wonderful day when I was asked by one of my favourite authors to write a review of her latest book. As a book reviewer, it is wonderful when you get approached to review a book. I don’t do blog as a business or for a fee, I just do it for my love of books and reading, and to be asked to do a review is, just, well it’s wonderful. So to be asked again, is a dream come true!

I couldn’t wait to start my new book, and Holly has wrote a beautiful, funny and lively story. Once again, I started and I couldn’t put it down.

As you are all aware by now, the plot of a book can be similar to others but I will still fall in love with it, if I can fall in love with the characters. Personality, character development and chemistry are all huge priorities for me. Holly ticks all these boxes and always delivers a wonderful storyline too, so I have no need to worry.

Willow has taken a leap of faith and moved to a little village called Happiness to start afresh after her long term relationship ended in a disastrous failed engagement. To avoid the stares, the gossips and the humiliation, not that she was too bothered but the break up, but gossip can take a while to disappear. She has taken a chance to move rent free to Happiness for a year to help the village grow. She has no idea what to expect and is slightly shocked to see the state of the village, however she is soon distracted by the presence of the very attractive and kind estate manager Andrew.

When I started The Little Village of Happiness I wasn’t sure about Willow, but it only took until the second chapter to fall deeply in love with her. Willow’s positive outlook in life, combined with her ability to not just see the beauty in the world, but also see the negatives and sadness and turn it into a positive experience is wonderful. She is a bubbly, flirty bundle of energy, I can relate to on a personal level.

Andrew might be the perfect literary man! I have never been instantly attracted by a character as much as am I to him. He is absolute perfection, he obviously makes a few mistakes but he owns them straight away and there is nothing more attractive than that. Between the two main characters, Willow has my heart. To move to some where new, taking a leap of faith and trying out new experiences, is incredible. I was in awe of her quirky, happy go lucky attitude throughout the whole book.

I love this style of book so I knew I was going to enjoy it before I even started to read it. But every author brings something new to the table when it comes to chick lit and Holly does it like no other. The Little Village of Happiness sounds so beautiful, I want to discover it for myself and pack up my bags and head there. I am not sure I would be able to add anything productive in a business sense to the village, but I think I would really fit in with the villagers. Throughout the story, I adore how it isn’t just the romance blossoming between our two protagonists that make this story shine. The idea of bringing happiness back to Happiness, and encouraging community spirit within the village is absolutely beautiful.

All the little tiny details in this story are what make it special, it is also these wonderful additions that will make me pick it up to read it again and again, and recommend it to other people. I love how Holly’s characters always add something new and different to the book. Willow is a small business owner, she makes candles. How cute and adorable is this, but also such a good business for a crafty person, but not something you might read about. There is an artist within the village, landlord and lady of the local pub, and the post lady controls the post office with a record book and a friendly face. How unusual but so quaint. Romance blossoms for a senior couple, and Willows friend Ruby might even find love in the village. Every little thing that happens, comes together to make this a really cute but wonderful story.

My final comment is about Andrews character being deaf, obviously this a huge part of his character and something that drives the story. Personally I have no experience with deaf people similar to Holly, (she mentions in her comment that she doesn’t either) and she was worried about writing this character. But I think it is awesome she still has chosen to write Andrew and with such confidence. I don’t know any deaf people but I have friends who have been labelled for other reasons, and I think Holly’s approach in this story is spot on; seeing deafness as something that is just part of a person, not a negative, not something to be ashamed of, but something we should empathise with and help/encourage if we can, not judge someone or alter our behaviour because of it. This is absolutely the best part of this book for me. Willows speech to a Ruby regarding Poppy is a truly inspiration and outstanding message and I think more people need to hear it.

“And stop with the ‘poor girl’ crap, Deaf people don’t need or want our pity, they don’t want to be labelled as an abnormality or different. They just want understanding, to have the same opportunities as us, to have access to the same stuff that we do. And sometimes that can be difficult for the, but they want empathy not sympathy.” Its a beautifully written speech, and shows Willows, and through her Hollys view of the world and it really impressed me. The whole book has left a lasting impression of kindness, understanding and empathy with me, and I think everyone should read it.

I adore Holly Martin and I love this book and I cannot wait for the next instalment to see what happens between Ruby and Jacob. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the residents of Happiness. I especially liked the idea of secret gifts; what a wonderful idea to spread community spirit and joy. My favourite is Roger asking for a Chris Hemsworth half naked calendar, I can fully appreciate that gift.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5/5 stars. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a cute, romantic easy read. Would be ideal to take on a summer holiday.

**Book Review** Memory Man

Memory Man (Amos Decker #1)

By David Baldacci

I picked this book up a while ago but it got added to my to read pile, which has slowly become my to read bookcase. I wanted a crime story and was hoping to start a series I could really get into, so I picked this from my shelf.

I liked it but I didn’t love it.

Amos Decker is a Police Officer and a good one by all accounts. Early on we see that something horrific has happened to him, and he has lost his job, his life has spiralled and he is now living on the streets, and taking small PI jobs to earn a bit of money. The awful event that made his life spiral, his family: wife, daughter and brother in law were brutally murdered.

To add to this sad tale, Decker also had an accident when he was younger, as a school football player. He collided with another player and it caused changes to his brain, he was left with Synesthesia and Hyperthymesia. I didn’t realise these were real things, and I spent a good long time googling them, they are very interesting to read about.

A tragic event occurs at the local school which draws Decker back into the policing game, just as someone also steps forward to confess to his family’s murder. Is all of this linked to Decker, or just a huge coincidence? Is he somehow connected to everything and this is all a revenge plot? Will Decker overcome his personal issues and work out the mystery surrounding all these events?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure the brain issues add to much to the story in this case, I just couldn’t connect with him, I felt bad for him with the murder of his family and as a crime story I think it could have been great, but somewhere it fell flat. I don’t think I was drawn into the world or the characters enough to really feel the story.

For me, having the family die before the story really starts means I don’t really get to love/sympathise and connect to the character. So it’s hard to understand and see where all the characters emotions and feelings are coming from.

I liked how we went through how the stories were connected, and I really liked how we got a clear view of the school and how everything is linked and viewed. He described really well and I could imagine the old abandoned army base and the connection to the school. The crime part of the story, was really good. I just struggled to connect with Decker.

I think David Baldacci builds up Decker to be this awesome detective who just had an awful time and it lead him down this path, but from what we see, the other characters don’t act too much like he is this great detective and if I’m honest, I couldn’t see it myself either.

I really enjoy other David Baldacci books so I honestly wanted to love this, but if I’m honest I struggled. It hasn’t put me off though.

I think I’d like to read the next in the series to see how he grows, and what he does next, as I did enjoy it somewhat, but I don’t think it will ever be a favourite and I won’t be running to buy the next one anytime soon.

Overall, it was a good plot for a story, the linking of the crimes and how it came together sounds like it could be an awesome read, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite live up to what could have been.

⭐️⭐️⭐️3/5 stars I’m not rushing out to buy the next one but I will be trying it. I would recommend to crime readers if they like stories with a twist.


Mr and Mrs Butterfly Child were perfectly weird in every way… and they quite liked it that way!

I am a massive, massive fan of Harry Potter; books, films, merchandise, clothes… the list goes on and on, I love it all. Strangely enough, until recently I had never visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour. I kept putting it off, thinking I didn’t have time, or there was always something else the money could go on; a place the kids wanted to visit more etc, etc. Also as much as I desperately wanted to go, I wanted to wait to take the kids until they were a bit older. I never thought to possibly go on my own first and take the kids later. It just never occurred to me.

I have three best friends Annie, Charlotte and Becky, we’ve been friends for a long time, and even though we live quite far apart now, I don’t think I will ever be as close to any one or love anyone quite like I do those girls. But with age comes great responsibility, it takes time, patience and a great deal other amount of skills to keep a friendship blooming. 😀 Thankfully, we have managed it and we visit as often as we can, and we share an amazing friendship than spans the country and they are much more than friends, they are family. My children even call them Aunties. On this note, it has become apparent that my children love them very much and when they visit, they monopolise them and want to spend all the time playing with them and crawling over them and showing them every single toy they own. This is wonderful, but unfortunately it means we don’t get much time to chat, breath or just spend time with each other as friends. So we decided we would take a couple of weekends a year (extra to our usual visits) to spend the weekend just as us girls, the way it used to be. It’s a nice chance to catch up, those of us who are parents get to have a rest from the kids, and we all get to indulge in being young friends again.

We have visited Oxford and we plan on visiting York, but as a special treat two of my best friends treated us all to Harry Potter studio tour tickets for our Christmas presents. Myself and Annie are huge Harry Potter fans, Becky dabbles and Charlotte bless her, comes along for the ride! It was a super idea and an amazing present. As the tour gets booked up fast, we planned to go in January but tickets sell like hot cakes, so April it was. I have had a very exciting few months and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. The excitement for studio tours built up for many reasons. I was so happy to be finally going to the tours, and I was ecstatic to be sharing this special moment with my besties. I love getting to do things with my girls, it reminds me I am still very young, I can still enjoy myself without the kids and without feeling guilty and it is perfectly acceptable to have hobbies, passions etc all for myself. I think I forget that sometimes when I am being mummy 24/7. It is perfectly ok to be me sometimes, to recognise that I have likes and dislikes and do something for myself. Having my best friends want to share these things with me and do these things, is amazing and I am so glad to have them.


So onto the tour. Annie and I set off from Somerset on the Saturday morning and would be meeting Becky and Charlotte in London as they would be travelling from our home county of Derbyshire. We had a late tour time so we had decided to stay over in a hotel overnight, so it was an exciting weekend as we all got a nice break too.

Poor photo but our view whenever we head to London! Stonehenge – wonderful sight!


I had made little HP goody bags for all of us including a little drink to start the weekend.


Annie and I started earlier than the others! 🙂 Pretty much always the case… 😂

After a few short but wonderful hours catching up in the hotel we headed over to the studio! We were very excited but we were also trying to remember we were adults. We were generally well behaved, there were a couple of incidents, we might have thought the security guards were offering hugs, not wanting to search us, and I may have said something about licking a poster of an attractive member of the Harry Potter cast… I know, but my excitement as we waited in line was building up, and I struggle to control what my mouth says at the best of times, in fact most of the time it surprises even me.


We may also have a bit of a fascination with cones, but you can’t blame us when they look like this… we have a better story about the cone later…

Your a hazard Annie_4828
“You’re a hazard, Annie!”

Finally, once we were inside. The magic truly became alive and it was everything I expected and more. We had some food and had a walk around the gift shop whilst waiting for our time slot. I made a long list of everything I wanted to buy and then stepped away and thought we would do the tour first and then I could make a final decision about what I wanted to buy. I got to waltz around in a Slytherin cloak and play my inner Snape, much to the staffs delight. The shop in itself is immense and I could definitely have wandered around there for much longer than we did. But finally the moment arrived and it was out turn to enter…. I hope you enjoy some of our photos from out trip. And if you get chance to visit, even if you don’t think you are a big Harry Potter fan, even if you’re a fan of films or even if your aren’t a fan of any of these things, it is still worth a visit, for the magic, wonder and enjoyment of it. Plus the attention to detail in everything is immense.

‘Can I lie down in the entrance and get a photo underneath?” I asked my friends, “Of course, you can those people are rolling all over the floor.” My friends responded in delight. I look over, “they’re very small children…”. “Your point?” my friends laughed.

But in the end I decided I have done many more stupider things in my life than lie down in the middle of the Harry Potter studio tours to get a photo and I will probably do many more stupider things in my future.

Our initial shock and awe of being there wore off, and I had gotten over Tom Felton talking into my ear…  (our wonderful friends had got me and Annie the digital tour guide) unfortunately Tom Felton wasn’t really whispering sweet nothings into my ear… 😍😂. We moved slowly through the Great Hall and onto the amazing tour. Honestly, I don’t think I can find words to express how amazing it was. We mainly walked around in silent wonder, listening to our guide when we needed, snapping shots and generally messing around. It was amazing to be with my friends experiencing this for the first time for so many reasons. I didn’t have any responsibilities at that moment in time, I could be myself without worrying about the example I was setting, or having to keep one eye on a kid at all times. Don’t get me wrong I cannot wait to go back and take the kids but for my first visit, where I got to experience and enjoy it all to myself with my best friends. Honestly, it was one of the best days of my life and I am so thankful I got to share it with the people I did.


Have you seen these b*tches, I mean witches...
Have you seen these b*tches, I mean witches… Some of us have definitely got our resting witch face on today!


 I think you can see we all had lots of fun and even though, some of us are bigger fans than others, we all had an amazing time and I think we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We stopped half way around to try our very first butter beer. I really liked it!

After our little rest we headed onto the rest of the tour. Gringotts was opened for the first time the day we came, which was unbelievably lucky and completely unplanned but amazing.


I don’t want to post too many spoilers so I haven’t included this whole video but I needed to share this with you all, me and Annie will definitely be in a cinema near you soon with these acting skills, well voice over work at least. Apologies there is a little bit of swearing ☺️ I actually think the swearing is the best part!!! 😂 🤣(And yes, that is me not able to control my laughing!)

As we drew near the end of the tour, I just couldn’t believe how much attention to detail is put in everything, and I was a little worried the magic might be lost, but honestly I think it just made it better. Every little prop, every big scene reproduced, just walking through the whole studio itself was amazing. I won’t ever get to experience it for the first time ever again, but like my whole experience with Harry Potter, as with the books, I believe every time I go back there I will experience something new. It was truly an amazing and remarkable experience.

Your a hazard Annie_4828
“You’re a hazard, Annie!”

After all of that, admit it you still just want the rest of the cone story. So we had a very late tour time, so by the time we had walked around, visiting the store, spent a fortune and was heading for the car parking, it was late and dark. We had talked earlier on about how we love a cone to take home. Trust me this is not the first time, we have talked about wanting a cone. We have had many discussions and ideas about getting one. It never ends well… And I promise we don’t have any cones stashed anywhere. But anyway, there we are walking back to the car and a security guard is heading in our direction, I imagine returning to the studios and one of my friends out right asked him if we could take a cone home. I think he thought she was joking, she was not. Her parting words for all of you our there, “Well, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.”


I hope you enjoyed my recap of our tour and liked our photos, there are many, many more and probably many more stories, but they can wait for another day. We are heading away for our weekend to York soon, keep an eye out on social media for us. I will be sharing our funnier moments and beautiful photos in real time!!!! 😀

*Book Review* The Oxford Murders

The Oxford Murders 

By Guillermo Martinez

My best friends and I went on a trip to Oxford for Christmas, it is a beautiful place and was a wonderful shopping experience. Whilst there, obviously I stopped into the Waterstones for a couple of books, I couldn’t resist really. It was huge and filled with all my favourite things.

Whilst there I saw a copy of The Oxford Murders and as I was in Oxford, I thought why not? And I am so glad I did.

So over the Easter weekend, we went away with family for a special trip which I will update you all about later, but we had lots of adults around to help with the children, which meant I got to read to my hearts content.


A young Argentinian maths scholar has recently moved to Oxford. What he hoped would be a quiet time to finish up his graduate studies, soon turns into a mathematical murder mystery.

A sensation in Argentina and in the UK – Guillermo Martinez writes with a flair for the dramatic and mathematical ease – he easily kept me on the edge of my seat. I think myself a bit of a murder mystery aficionado, I thought I had the murderer pegged from relatively early on, but as with any good mystery, and adding the element of mathematical intrigue, I was actually still second guessing myself right to the end.

Our young Argentinian finds himself in the middle of a murder enquiry when he finds his landlady dead in her house, alongside a mathematical clue which suggest it may the start of a serial killer. A well known mathematician is called upon for his expertise or he is a suspect. With a wealth of guilty looking people, suspicious characters and well if I am honest a whole cast of likely suspects. As I began reading, and the book took its mathematical turn, I found I started suspecting everyone.

From the protagonists lover – a nurse working in the local hospital – whom I thought was a little too interested in the case for my liking, to the poor father of a child who needed a lung transplant – whom was going a little crazy waiting for a donor, to everyone else he met along his way. I also recently had a a bit if a binge read of a couple of stories with unreliable narrators, so even our Argentinian grad student didn’t make it out of my sleuthing.

I love a story that can make me think I have a theory and then make me change my mind sixteen times before the end of the story. If I could easily guess who did it or why they did it straight away, it doesn’t make for a very interesting read. I second guessed myself all the way through. I won’t spoil it by saying if my theories proved correct in the end, you should check it out for yourself. It is a very worthwhile read.

The characters are relatable and likeable, the story keep the flow and kept me on the edge of my seat. Overall, the story is well worth a read and as its a relatively short novel, it would be a good introduction to a crime mystery for anyone looking for a short easy read that will pull in to the mystery.

A short but sweet review for a short but exhilarating story.

★⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5 stars. A wonderful story in a beautiful back drop, well worth a read.

Games Night in The House of Butterflies

The kids and I probably spend too much time on our iPads and phones. I am not too fussed as I do believe technology is just going to be something normal in the future and I like my phone for social media, pinterest and my blog as much as my kids love youtube, netflix and lego games, but I don’t ever want them to think playing on computers, iPads, phones etc is their everything. As a family, we love adventures, being outdoors and doing silly things, and I don’t want technology to take that away. I am trying to find a happy medium. But as I love my technology, I can’t complain too much! But in my quest to get them to appreciate more than just technology, I am always trying to find fun things we can do as a family.

So we have turned to games night, every now and then I would like all technology to be turned off and to turn to board games, card games, quizzes and anything else we can do on games night to keep us entertained for an evening.

You may have seen some of my pictures on social media from a few weeks ago, we had an amazing first games night. We started off with a quick lesson in rock n roll as me and mum reminisced about Happy Days (the tv show) and jiving and The Fonz! It was a brilliant way to start off games night, all having a go swinging and dancing around the living room.

Unless you have been in a hole and haven’t seen my a thousand and one updates, you will know I have become a little obsessed with a Korean Pop Band – BTS. No excuses or reasons, I just love them. They snuck up on me last year, and my love has slowly grown and now I am not ashamed to admit I am a huge fan. Its really fun getting into something again, and feeling young and excited! Even if I am fangirling, ever so slightly! I don’t care! I am loving life!

Inspiration for this evenings game night was from BTS. I had been watching episodes of Run BTS, which is like a variety show but just amongst BTS members rather than  lots of different people. They challenge each other and partake in fun little activities, quizzes and challenges. Its really fun, enjoyable and as a fan it is fun to watch. So my inspiration for some of the games in our Games Night came from these episodes.

I wanted me and the kids to have some old fashioned fun, playing board or card games and joining in challenges and just having a bit of fun. Tonights games were all sort of minute to win inspired games.

As it was BTS inspired, we all took a starting selfie with a favourite pose!


Monkey went with a “whoops – what have I done” face! Still adorable!


Poppet loves a bit of Sugar and V (from BTS) and went with V’s signature “V” and her version of gummy smile like her heroes! A cutie pie and adorable whatever she is doing.


I went with a firm fan favourite of finger hearts! I think I am pretty adorable and I am rocking my JHope Jumper! Most comfortable jumper ever!

And finally…. I even got Mamma to pull a pose!

IMG_4620.jpgCheck out her “V” pose! I have almost converted her to a fully fledged BTS fan and proud of it!

We had a variety of games and activities planned and we got scores for who did things fastest, tallest etc.

Fastest to build a cup tower and take it back down

Cheerio Chopstick Game

Big lovers of chopsticks in our house and we are always trying to up our chopstick skills, so what better way than by seeing who can move the most amount of cheerios from one bowl to another using chopsticks. We had different varieties of chopsticks, Poppet used quite a hard pair but still did amazingly well!

We also had a a stack a penny challenge and a Chinese whispers of sorts. We were supposed to end on a playing card castle challenge, but I was the only one that could do it. So the kids just cheered me on as I built a card castle.


The final results were in…. games night was officially a success! The kids and I had lots of fun. We all had a go at a new games and tried our hardest. We had no moaning about being bored, and no one asked for their iPads and we all had a tremendous amount  of fun!

Column one – Me Column two – Mamma Column three – Monkey Column four – Poppet

I won followed by Monkey, Poppet and Mamma! We had no arguments, and no upsets! Our first game night was a success! We cannot wait for the next one. If you have any suggestions for games/challenges please do drop me a comment! Let me know if you have a games night! Or if you want to share any stories, it’d be lovely to hear them.

We have been practising UNO and top trumps ready for our next games night  – it will be a card day challenge!


February … is my favourite month

Firstly, an apology. I haven’t written as many blog posts as I had wanted to this last month, but I am hoping you will accept this blog post filled with all our exciting times over February as an apology and as an excuse as to why I haven’t written as much as I would have liked. I had such a busy, action packed and filled February, I didn’t get much time to write. But onwards with our exciting look back into February.

February is my favourite month for so many reasons, but I guess it starts with my birthday! I love my birthday, I am like a child and even though I know I am getting older, I don’t care. I love celebrating the year that has gone by and looking forward to the next. I like that I get to do all the things I love and I can make everything about me! I know, I know how childish and selfish does that sound, but I think everyone should get at least  one day a year where its all about them.

The second reason I love February is SNOW! If we are ever going to get snow in the UK, you can bet chances are high it will be in February. And this year, this year was my year! I made a birthday wish for snow on my birthday and I went to bed on the 31st of January, the snow started to fall… I was so excited that at midnight I went out to play. When I woke up in the morning, the snow was everywhere, I had booked the day off work and the kids got a snow day. We made a huge snowman, which fell over and broke my glasses, and poppet cried.

Dixon Dog really enjoyed the snow, we all had hot chocolates, and I treated myself to some Studio Ghibli DVD’s, a BTS album and some new books! My birthday was perfect this year.


We had a Chinese New Year themed party where we had an amazing Chinese takeaway, we made paper dragons, a pig keyring and watched Mulan. My mum picked an awesome cake for me, and every year she makes my birthday epic! I wish everyone had my mum to spoil them every year, because she is awesome! Nick and the kids helped me make some decorations, we had Chinese lanterns, the kids painted tea light candle jars for the table and we had pig banners they had coloured.


February was also the month for selfies and snapchat apparently, as I have a phone filled with so many selfies and snapchat screenshots. When monkey and I have to wait for poppet after her ballet class, we often take silly selfies, in fact whenever we have a spare few minutes, we indulge in a few silly faced photos. I often feel quite sad for monkey, as he spends a lot of time waiting outside dance classes, he always gets dragged along to shows and rehearsals and alsorts. But he takes it all in his stride and is very proud of his sister. Plus I think we both quite enjoy the half an hour or so where it’s just me and being him being silly and playing games.


I tried out a couple of Subscription boxes for my birthday and loved them. I had Inspireme Korea and Kawaii Box. Each filled with beautiful things from Korea, China and Japan.

Poppet had a week of exraordinary hairstyles which took over my instagram and was very fun to do everyday. I love writing my blog and I love sharing snaps of our weird crazy life, and when I asked poppet what we should focus on for the week, she wanted some wonderful and wacky hair. So we indulged and did a brand new hairstyle every day for a week. Some of it was fun, some challenging and some days a right pain in the … I’ll let you finish that sentence.


 The saddest part of February for us, was when Mr BC had to leave for work. But as he would be missing our wedding anniversary, he took me and the kids away for a night in the camper van. We went to stay in South Wales for a night and it was very cold but brilliant. We love going for nights away in the campervan, and I hope this year will be filled with lots of exciting trips.

 My bestie took us for a walk to Fairy Falls, as this is what I had asked for, for my birthday treat. I wanted to go on a nice walk and get some nice photos. Unfortunately it was a bit rainy so I left my camera in the car, but the phone did the job just fine. It was beautiful and such a lovely quiet place. I can’t wait to go back. Plus I got to spend the day with my beautiful godson. He is growing up really fast and I love his little squishy face.


Middle of February and we were still feeling the Chinese fever, as we headed to the Octagon Theatre for the Chinese New Year Extravaganza. I have never seen anything quite like it before in my life. It was an amazing experience. So many talented and amazing people. Balancing tables on their heads, contortionists fitting into really small spaces, and the finale with the dragon dance was immense. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I can’t wait until next year.


 With spring soon to arrive and hopefully warmer weather, we headed out to the adventure farm park in Brean. We wanted to see Llamas and play on some rides. Poppet faced her fears by going on some high rides and cried the whole time, but still she was very brave. Monkey was also very brave and I am so proud of them both. We had a wonderful day. We took my sister and Mini monkey (my nephew) with us and it was amazing.


First frappuccino of the year…

 We have had some lovely days at the start of spring. I am not usually a warmer weather / sunshine kind of person, but as I get older I am finding I do love a warm day and I am even looking forward to summer more than I usually do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As the end of the month came to a close, excitement reached its peak in our house as BTS ( here comes some back story to explain our excitement) – I have known about this band since last year when they appeared on Graham Norton but I didn’t really fall for their charms until January of this year, and since then my love has grown and I am having an attack of boyband fan girling, as I have gone crazy for them – towards the end of the month, revealed they would be going on a world tour again. The best thing about having children that enjoy the same as you and are happy to listen and dance to music, is that I get to share my love and passion with them. So now we are a family of huge BTS fans, a girl on twitter even said we were #familygoals which made my day. I grew up listening to songs my parents liked and my sisters and brothers liked and eventually I added my own collection of music I enjoy to it. So I have a huge, wide eclectic taste in music that spans decades and genres. I have always loved music and to dance, and getting to share this with my children is beautiful. I know we aren’t always going to like the same things but I am glad me and the children are similar enough we have quite a lot in common and we can share so much.

Anyway, I digress again. So BTS revealed they were going on tour. Me and the kids were adamant we were getting tickets, so 1st of March we arrived at school early so i could sit, phone poised, ready to get tickets. We logged on at 8:15am and waited. Tickets went live and my phone kicked into gear. But nothing, it just searched for tickets and at 8:50am, it  kicked me out and I had to try again but by then, it was too late and tickets sold out. The kids were distraught and I wasn’t too happy either. Now I would normally say – oh well and move on. I never wanted to be someone who would pay stupid amounts of money for a ticket, but I am going to blame temporary insanity and not wanting to see my childrens sad faces. But whatever it was, I paid a silly amount of money for tickets, not hugely silly, I am not stupid but still more than a normal amount. Me and the kids are ridiculously happy so it was totally worth it. I am still claiming temporary insanity as I still keep looking at the Sunday night and considering buying tickets for the second night too. Although Mr BC has put his foot down and said no. I am working on it.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, BTS is a Kpop band from South Korea, they are obviously massive in Asia, but over the last few years they are getting bigger over here in the UK and the US. When I say I like them, I do still get a lot of eye rolls and funny looks, but mostly I have amazing friends and family who (at least I hope) like my quirkiness and love my random little moments, and l or me regardless. So everyone is being quite supportive of my newfound love for a boy and. I never really did boy bands growing up so I think I’m a little late in the game but you’re never too old to appreciate good music, amazing dancing and well, they aren’t bad on the eyes either. Yes, they sing most of the songs in Korean, but music transcends language a little bit, they sing beautifully and I actually really enjoy the rapping. But for me, the choreography of the dancing is the main draw, they have flawless routines and look amazing doing it. I’ve always loved to dance around my living room and I love to see amazing dancers. My children are also big fans of dancing and singing, so it’s something we can watch/listen to and enjoy together. I know they won’t always have the same taste as me and I know we won’t always like the same things, but I hope we will always have some things in common and I’m glad at the minute we can see things together.

It’s always worth checking new things out, I know you kpop is everyone’s cup of tea, but I didn’t know it was mine either. I think we should all try something new, or open ourselves up to trying new things once in a while, it makes life a bit more exciting. Even if you think it might be weird, celebrate your weirdness, show the world, or if you’re not ready for that, show your family and friends. My family and friends are so supportive of me and my weird ways, they accept me for who I am, love me and encourage me. And I couldn’t ask for anything more. I think we should all show our weird and talk about things we love more, share our joys and passions, even if it is a bit on the strange or unusual side. Most people will admire you for it, and you may even discover you have something in common and broaden their world. So if you fancy checking them out, google BTS ampanaman for a funny lively show, no more dream for a very hip hop young BTS, or a number of their other songs. (Fake love, Idol, spring day, magic shop…)

So February drew to a close in the most exciting and exhilarating way, and over the next few months we have some amazing things planned and all the while we are counting down to our first concert as a family to see BTS at Wembley. As Mr BC being the superhero that he is, is coming along with us. Even though he doesn’t really like the songs, he is the best dad and husband ever to accompany us.

 So once again, my apologies for once agin falling behind on writing. It is one of my biggest passions, behind reading and I love this blog. But the main reason I started it was to write about my life, my joys and my children and share this with the world because I’m happy and excited by this prospect. But sometimes I get so excited by life, I forget to write about it for weeks at a time, and I am ok with this. I don’t ever want to get so caught up in writing about life I forget to live it, it will mean my blog may sometimes be on delay and I’ll probably never be a huge success at blog writing, but I am sharing what I want to share and living my best life and I am ok with that. I hope you enjoy my weird and wacky way of sharing with you and continue to read my blog.

I may be a bit on the weird side and I may find joy in lots of wonderfully wacky ways, but I hope I can connect with all of you who are also weirdly wacky. I love to to meet like minded people and indulge in the uniqueness of all of us. I hope you enjoyed my February catch up.



** BTS Images Courtesy of Twitter @bts_bighit.

*Book Review* The Summer of Chasing Dreams

The Summer of Chasing Dreams by Holly Martin

Once I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it down and I finished it in one night. Within a couple of hours; which is impressive, even for me. It is a truly uplifting, romantic and beautiful read and so inspiring. Reading at home in bed, my first thought was how much I wanted to get up the next day and start exploring the world.

Everything about this book, from the beautifully written landscapes and adventures, to the amazing characters is wonderfully well written and makes me crave for an adventure of my own.

As you all know, I am a sucker for falling in love with a character. And yes I think everyone will fall in love with Thor a little bit, but for me, it’s all about falling in love with Eva and seeing the world through her eyes.

Holly Martin has done it again, I think the idea of an around the world trip appeals to anyone. Seeing the world and trying all these exciting things, well it’s exciting and amazing – especially for someone like me who is scared of flying, the dream and the reality are two very different things. I loved this book as it was a great read but on a personal level, I love reading books where I get to discover the world and see more of it, as I may not get to discover the real thing. Holly writes each new place beautifully, and certainly makes me want to travel to all these places, but as with her heroine Eva, seeing the world through Holly’s eyes is just as wonderful.

Not only does she write about some of the most beautiful and wonderful places, but she also has this romance blossoming all the way through it. Now you all know I am not one for spoilers, so I won’t be going into much detail. Eva is a young woman, who lost her mum and is trying to navigate life without her. She and her mum were polar opposites by all accounts, unlike her mum Eva never had any desire to travel. But upon discovering her mums lists of dreams she wished for as a teenager, Eva decides to set off on a once in a lifetime trip around the world with a dedicated travel guide, to keep her company. After some initial upset, enter godlike beauty Thor form stage left and undoubtedly, romance, drama or all of the above will ensue. If like me you like a good chick lit romance, you might think you know what will happen. But let me tell you now, as much as this story does have some of the usual traits of a romance novel, it is also something quite special.

I don’t think it follows the usual trope of a romance story. I think Eva is a very real character, and she moves the story along beautifully, she is brave and bold when she needs to be, with a slight naivety about her that is endearing. And as with most stories when the ‘plot thickens’, and you expect the drama to ensue, the nervous and slightly scared character we meet at the beginning of the story has grown and evolved, it’s not unrealistically and although there is slight drama, our Eva doesn’t back down or get scared and so inevitably, she becomes the heroine of her own story and I think I fell a bit in love with her.

I wish I could be as brave at conquering my fears, and maybe then I could see some of this glorious world, that Holly Martin so beautifully describes.

As with everything, I like to hope that I don’t look at everything with rose tinted spectacles, so was there anything I didn’t enjoy or like. Well, it ended far too soon. It left me wanting more ( 😊😍obviously this isn’t really a criticism.) I love and hate when a story leaves me wanting more, I love it because it means I enjoyed the story and I fell for the characters, so I really want to know more, but I am sad, as most of the time, there is no follow up. But I have a good imagination, I can imagine their future into existence in my mind.

I did have one wish whilst reading this story. I really would have liked to hear more from Laurel, I know she isn’t supposed to be as exciting as Eva’s mum, but I liked her relationship with Eva, it would have been nice to hear more of it. Possibly, hearing more from other characters too, I know it is Eva and Thor’s story, but you know me, I love good characters, so I love hearing all the stories of background characters. I especially like Thor’s parents, and I think I would have liked to hear more from Thomas too.

But as far as the story goes, I really, really enjoyed it. I think anything about exploring the world, seeing beautiful places and having fun adventures would appeal to me, but having the romance, friendship, family, love and slight drama thrown in, really sold it for me.

Holly Martin is one of my favourite authors, with her quirky humour, cute and romantic storylines and steamy, sexy scenes, she never fails to cheers me up every time I pick up one of her books. She did a wonderful job in making me fall in love with all of these extraordinary and unique places in her own unique way. I have always wanted to see the world and reading this story, has made me want it even more, never in my life have I wanted to see Hanami (Cherry blossom festival) in Japan as much as I did after finishing this book. She also created characters that I wanted to have happy endings, she made me fall in love with these people too. I love reading about a character and feeling like I’ve found a friend.

Overall, this is a sweet romance story enclosed in a beautiful travel adventure, that ticks so many boxes, how could it not be a wonderful read? The characters are adorable and you will undoubtably fall in love with at least one character. The scenery and places Eva discovers are described amazingly, and they are a wonderful back drop to a very cute, and refreshing love story.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (5/5 stars) I would definitely recommend this for anyone who loves Holly Martin already, anyone who craves adventure or romance or someone looking for something exciting or inspiring. It definitely inspired me to want to seek out more adventures.

My Top 10 Pride and Prejudice (numbers 5 – 1)

Slight delay on this post – completely my fault I forgot to post it.


Continuing from my previous countdown, here are my final and top adaption/sequels:

5) Death comes to Pemberley

The PD James murder mystery novel inspired by Austen’s characters, and later the tv adaption of PD James book, is a sort of sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Here we find all the characters a few years later and life has carried on for the Darcy’s and Bingley’s. Mr and Mrs Darcy are living seemingly quite happily, but Wickham and Lydia soon show up and even within the happiest of marriages, cracks might start to appear especially when one Wickham is sentenced to murder.

Whilst it does try to keep the feeling of Austen, it is definitely unique in its storytelling. I love a good murder mystery, and cross it with my favourite book, it was always going to be a hit for me. If you’re a fan of Austen, PD James or murder mystery – you might enjoy this.

4) Bride and Prejudice

Who would’ve known transplanting 1700’s Austen’s story of prejudices, vanity and silliness to modern India would work? But it sort of does, in an homage to Austen sort of way. It isn’t a very true to words version of Pride and Prejudice but I love the upbeat singing, dancing and frivolity of it all. It is a wonderful film to see if you haven’t seen a Bollywood production before, as it is familiar enough to follow, it is predominantly English, so no language barriers and the singing and dancing interludes are fun to watch.

3) Pemberley

This book is high on my list for purely personal reasons. I have always loved books and have spent many hours perusing book shops. I read Pride and Prejudice whilst still quite young, I was an early and eager reader, so wanted to read anything and everything. Once finished, I wanted to know more. I did eventually read other Austen novels, but at that moment, I was desperate to find out what next? Would the love Elizabeth and Mr Darcy shared be enough to help them get past all their foibles and issues? My biggest issue back then, was no internet, no google, we had the library. Libraries and librarians are amazing places, still are. Google is awesome but you cannot beat the knowledge of a librarian. Anyway, I digress. So I wanted to see if there was anything I could read that came after, did Austen write notes for a sequel? Did she continue it in her other stories? Alas, she didn’t but my librarian suggested Emma Tenant’s Pemberley: a sort of sequel.

It may not be the best writing ever, and the story somewhat falters and irks me in some ways, but it will always be the first time I really got into something so much, that I wanted to find out more. I wanted to discover more about this unique love story, about these characters. This obsessive, quirk of my personality has pretty much stood the test of time, as my friends will tell you, when I get into something, I really get into it. There are worst things, I could be obsessed with, than books, programmes and music though, so I like to think of it as a positive.

So it is for this reason, it is high on my list of adaptions. Emma Tenant is relatively accurate with her language and she sort of gets the character but there are some parts of the story which don’t ring true and it’s not an amazing sequel, but it opened up my world of looking into other variants of things I already love.

2) mini series Pride and Prejudice (1980)

I am not old enough to have watched this version first time around, which is why I think I place it second. I think if I had watched it first, this might well be my favourite version. But being an ’86 baby, the 1995 P&P was my first foray into the mini series/period drama world. And I like everyone fell in love with Firth’s Darcy and Jennifer Ehles turn as Elizabeth was pretty darn good.

I have always loved Austen since I very first read P&P all those years ago, and whilst at university, and having a bit of spare money and time. I found this older version of P&P and had to give it a go. I love it. I really do. It stays quite faithful to the original story, the characters are believable and the costumes are beautiful. I didn’t fall in love with Mr Darcy in this version though, so there’s a small negative but in all honesty, the main reason I love Pride and Prejudice is Elizabeth Bennet. And I like her in this version so I am good. I love her funny wit, intelligence and general character, she will never grow old. Characters like Lizzie Bennet will inspire for generations as the times may change but the idea of standing up for oneself, doing things for yourself and making your own decisions will forever ring true.

1) BBC mini series Pride and Prejudice (1995)

I think for my entire generation, Pride and Prejudice probably started as a favourite due to this version. It introduced a whole new generation to the beauty of regency costume, Austen’s wonderful characters, Elizabeth’s wit and Mr Darcy’s charm.

Although, it may not be the favourite for everyone. I love it. As I previously mentioned, as much as I like the love story between the leads, and the Bingley’s, it is Elizabeth that carries the story for me and Jennifer Ehle makes this version for me. Her facial features, smirks and charm really sell Lizzie for me. I don’t think I will ever see another Elizabeth performed as well as by Ehle.

Some honorary mentions (for various reasons) didn’t make it onto this list. The good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I know Zombies are big at the minute, with the whole walking dead thing, and I appreciate wanting to bring P&P into a modern world by relating it to something in the media right now, but in honesty I don’t get it. I haven’t completed the book, as I got a bit fed up and I haven’t ever given the movie a chance, so I am not going to slate I as I have no right as I haven’t managed to complete either form of it, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. But I know some people who love it, so if you fancy it give it a go, and come back and try to sell it to me!

Pride and Prejudice (1940’s film)

I love watching a classic film. From Blue Lamp with my dad, to Its a wonderful life or white Christmas at Christmas time. This version of Pride and Prejudice is not one of those classics that I fell I instantly fell in love with. I think once you have seen a modern version you fell in love with, its hard to see other versions in the same light. But after a few years I rewatched this, and it has a certain level of charm and beauty to it. Not enough for it to make my list but it’s worth a watch just to see Lawrence Olivier play Mr Darcy in a way, that I imagine would have pleaded Jane herself.

Bridget Jones

I have never really been able to see how this relates to Jane Austen at all, other than Colin Firth playing a Darcy again, I feel this is where the similarities end. I’m not saying it’s a bad film but I don’t understand why so many Austen fans are such n=huge fans of this series. Something must be lost on me.

And now for some adaptions I haven’t read and would like to:

Prom and Prejudice


Epic Fail

I hope you enjoyed my countdown, tell me what your favourite Austen is ? Did you enjoy Pride and Prejudice? What adaptions did you enjoy?